Where did this rare Mandarin duck in New York City's Central Park come from?


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It’s only a matter of time before the ducklings start falling down on top of the homeless people in the park


I bet he’s delicious


“Where did this rare Mandarin duck in New York City’s Central Park come from?”

China? I’m going to go with China. Final answer.


Doesn’t it look like the duck has a band around its ankle (from the video)?



All dressed up but no female mandarin ducks anywhere in sight. Poor dapper fellow.



The North American wood duck is evidently the only other member of the Mandarin duck’s genus, Aix. Their range includes New York, so maybe we’ll get to see if the two species can interbreed?




Where did this rare Mandarin duck in New York City’s Central Park come from?

It was hiding under Holden Caulfield’s hat.


Mandarin Duck is an Arch-Nemesis of Iron Duck.


They can’t. Mandarin ducks have a different number of chromosomes from any other known duck.

(Which is a good thing, since a mallard drake is none too particular in his choice of mate.)


I don’t know how the comic turns out but the The Howard the Duck writing/artwork team definitely lost (won?) the battle with Dr. Bong…


I heard he’s a Chronic source of problems


Doctor Bong’s fighting style is known to favor blunt weapons.


As a kid I knew to stay away from Howard the Duck as a proven gateway comic.


Next thing you’ll be mainlining some black market manga


Why a duck? Why that…why a duck? Why a no chicken?


He hated it when you called him a Mandarin Duck. All Mandarin Ducks hate it when you call them a Mandarin Duck.