Where do you fall on this scale?


Apparently I am a naughty boy :smiley:


I knew there was something fishy about my uncle Russell.


Thankfully I’m not Randy. (whoever thought that was a good name!?)


I’m off the chart!


Well according to this chart and the one pictured below, I’m not a criminal, but I am crazy.


Well I am off the chart for that scale. Not sure whether this is good or bad.


I’m totally off the chart! woo-hoo!


Jesus Randy, get it together.


Randy’s mom.


frickan Randy’s mom, i need to give her a call :smiley:


Whose mom’s randy? Mandy, Randy’s mom’s who’s randy.


Aww, no “Douchebaggery”? I bet the Chads, Trents, Kevins, Brodys, Tylers, and Blakes of the world are saddened.


Mandy, randy’s mom, is quite handy. And I hear Randy is quite the dandy.


Not to mention Keith.


the lack of Jeffs honestly surprised me.


Indeed, I heed the need for seed with the dandy Randy’s handy mom, Mandy. And he and Andy sip shandy while we shamble through the bramble, her brow a-furrow and her arms akimbo having lost her libido from too much word play, not enough foreplay and very little hard work.
Good day!


I’m amazed my name isn’t on there anywhere. It’s so common when I was in high school a running joke was that yelling “Hey Chris!” in the hall was like going to a Cure concert and yelling “Hey, you in the black!”


THe lack of Andy on that list surprises me. Given how common Andy/Andrew is…


Up until this moment, I thought my friends were just being jerks when they said I date crazy women.

And look at that graphic in the OP! Not you too, Samantha?!


Is there a list of names that are most frequently associated with the following phrase?:
    ____ is such an angel