Where Does All That Mucus Come From?: Teaching Kids About How Their Bodies Work


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EVERYBODY loves FARTing jokeS :smile:

If Fritz Kahn had just used this single secret he would have been even more successful as author, no fart central in his infographic “The Human Being as an Industrial Palace”


I found a typo. Pancreas says “I also a role in sugar levels”


Ditto. One of the first references to “glucose” is spelled “GLUCLOSE.”


With no food with more than 5 ingredients, how did you guys eat spaghetti?


spaghetti, sauce, parmesan -> 3 ingredients :smiley:


So no cake then?


I like it a lot. But, I’d encourage you to think about the font choice. “corn” looks like “comm”.


Also the first diagram lables the small and large “intertines”


That’s hilarious! Well done!


The noodles are wheat and eggs. Parmesan is milk and rennet (at least). The sauce is tomatoes, onion, carrots, various spices.


Maybe renke has a spaghetti tree?


a. Using facts in the internet is exhausting and often fruitless. I applaud your efforts anyway, you’re one of few!
b. Actually Italian pasta is not prepared with eggs, the ingredients are durum wheat semolina, common salt and water

: P


Jar sauce has a million ingredients, including guar gum and carageenan. But tomatoes have one, and ground pork has one, and onions have one…


Sauce pretty much always has more than 5 ingredients. :joy:


My winter sauce recipe: canned tomatoes, onions, garlic, olive oil, salt, red pepper, dried oregano. That’s 7. You are correct.


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