Where Does All That Mucus Come From?: Teaching Kids About How Their Bodies Work

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EVERYBODY loves FARTing jokeS :smile:

If Fritz Kahn had just used this single secret he would have been even more successful as author, no fart central in his infographic “The Human Being as an Industrial Palace”

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I found a typo. Pancreas says “I also a role in sugar levels”


Ditto. One of the first references to “glucose” is spelled “GLUCLOSE.”

With no food with more than 5 ingredients, how did you guys eat spaghetti?


spaghetti, sauce, parmesan -> 3 ingredients :smiley:


So no cake then?

I like it a lot. But, I’d encourage you to think about the font choice. “corn” looks like “comm”.

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Also the first diagram lables the small and large “intertines”

That’s hilarious! Well done!

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The noodles are wheat and eggs. Parmesan is milk and rennet (at least). The sauce is tomatoes, onion, carrots, various spices.

Maybe renke has a spaghetti tree?


a. Using facts in the internet is exhausting and often fruitless. I applaud your efforts anyway, you’re one of few!
b. Actually Italian pasta is not prepared with eggs, the ingredients are durum wheat semolina, common salt and water

: P

Jar sauce has a million ingredients, including guar gum and carageenan. But tomatoes have one, and ground pork has one, and onions have one…

Sauce pretty much always has more than 5 ingredients. :joy:

My winter sauce recipe: canned tomatoes, onions, garlic, olive oil, salt, red pepper, dried oregano. That’s 7. You are correct.

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