Where to catch me at Burning Man!

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Bring a hat, and the sunscreen, don’t forget to drink lots of water too.


Drive safe up and back. )(


I will say, those are some nice sleeveless coveralls. I am thinking about making coveralls part of my corporate attire, more of the “mad science going on here so obviously I wear a speed suit” vibe.

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Came for the obligatory “It’s a speed_suit” quote. Was not disappointed.


It’s basically all I wear for about 10 months of the year (the other two months I add a jacket) unless I have to be in polite company.


wow, your camp is as old as mine! safe travels – see you in the dust! if i somehow manage to get you as my greeter, i’ll just smile and nod, because i know playa magic is a thing.

I’d love to catch the Andrew Huang chat, but 8:15 and Center Camp isn’t a valid address. Also, it doesn’t exactly seem clear when it is - is it at center camp or 12pm on Wednesday?

815 and Center Camp is indeed a valid address. Stand in Center Camp facing the Man; the keyhole ahead of you is 12:00 and Center Camp. Turn 90’ right (around Eggs Bar); that is 3:00 and Center Camp. Turn 90’: that’s 6:00 and Center Camp. 90’ more: 9:00 and Center Camp. Etc.

Bunnie and I are on at 12:00 Noon at Liminal Labs, which is 8:15 and Center Camp.

I’m doing a solo talk later that day on the Center Camp Cafe Stage at 3PM.

So, we can find you at those three places, but do we have to chase you around to actually catch you?

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