Where to host history of Scandinavian right rescued from the Memory Hole?




Is this not what leak-sites are for? Or tor also has filedumps. archive.org? torrents?


Put it up on WordPress, or perhaps post it as an article on OpEdNews?


The story has already been published in a Swedish daily. It is available here:

If you don’t know Swedish, Google Translate is your friend.


Your somewhat hard-to-parse friend, maybe


A proper translation is always preferable to Google translate–the PDF was an English language article.


I think of most of the Scandinavian countries as somewhat to the left by US standards. Is the new right government in place largely because of immigration issues or are their other factors driving this?


Inabilty to comprehend headline leads man to read article


Well, there’s racism in it too, but given that kinda problem almost always comes along with immigration issues, it may be a bit redundant.


Get in touch with the folks at either https://firstlook.org/theintercept/ or http://www.truthdig.com/


Upload it at several file hosters. So if one removes the file, it remains at the other ones. There are several sites which uploads your file to several file hosters at once.

Lifehacker and ghacks have a few recommendations:

Or maybe, even beter, upload it via several of those “meta hosters”. Lifehacker also recommands a few sites, but since I am new user boingboing won’t let me post more links.


Why does the Norway right want to obfuscate their own history? I don’t relate to their ideology, but If that’s how they choose to live, they should at least have some pride in it.


If only there was some bloglike site with an interest in this sort of news who could host the PDF for a story they posted on the topic (though copyright might be an issue)…

Then after a permanent link was established it could be cited in the appropriate Wikipedia article.


Here’s my mirror of the English-language version: http://simula.gunkies.org/~toresbe/ytre_hoyre.pdf

By the way, I have to add: I am not in itself primarily concerned by the uproar reaction from the (ironically named) Progress Party - their crying like a baby at any undesirable coverage is a cliché by now - nor am I concerned with the airline for retracting it; in-flight magazines are not typically a place you expect what is in Norway politically controversial material, and who really expects an airline to stand up for this?

My concern is that they went to the step of actively threatening retaliations, and the rest of our press has taken to self-censorship of criticism of the Progress Party to the extent that after they have been quoted as threatening to use the state treasury as a party-political retaliatory tool against a state-owned airline, nobody in the press has reacted. This would be a political scandal where heads would roll if any other party had said something so authoritarian, but there’s not a whisper. The silence is deafening, and petrifying by its implications.

As a member of the social-democratic Labour party and survivor of the Labour Youth massacre on Utøya at the hands of a former member of the Progress Party, I have watched with increasing dismay and disgust the complete absence of any willingness or ability to confront far-right terrorism and hatred in our country. Yesterday I reluctantly came to the conclusion that we simply don’t have a functioning free press anymore, and I feel as if my country in reality no longer is functional as a free, democratic nation. That scares the hell out of me.


another at https://archive.psg.com/ytre_hoyre.pdf


Because they didn’t write it?


But where? Where?


The same is going on in Spain right now. The Minister of Economy threatened to vent all the fiscal and tax problems of all TV channels and newspapers if they continued to talk about the widespread corruption in the current governing party (PP) and the new arising party (Podemos).

Of course, the ruling party is a right wing one, one of those parties who defend “free market” until the market starts to talk shit about them.

I don’t know if it is widespread among modern right wing parties but it seems more prominent now that we have the tools to actually notice it…




There are about a 1000 obvious solutions to this problem.


For the time being the english version of the article can be found at http://www.tmax100.com/bilder/sasmagasin.pdf