Which of these statues of a T-Rex eating garden gnomes is better?

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Gnomes don’t deserve such brutal treatment. I prefer the garden statue of Bigfoot playing with and carrying garden gnomes, available at your local garden retailer today!


A T Rex hand has only two fingers. Allosaurus hands have three fingers. (Guess who read a lot of dinosaur books with his kids?) So I’ll say that the first allosaurus eating gnomes is the better one.


What makes or breaks it are the expressions of horror and dismay on the faces of the gnomes. The first one wins in that regard.


I’m going to add one of these to one of my corner gardens. It will be my private game on how long it takes the wife to find it and throw it at me.

Edit - I highly recommend clicking the link on the final “cute” one. It’s a family made (I guess?) one and has a small girl happily embracing gnome-eating dinosaurs and gnomes with guns. It made my Monday.


I always assumed that garden gnomes were full-scale statues of tiny beings, not miniature models of human-sized beings. If that’s true, then these statues are definitely of Suskityrannus and not of T rex.

If, on the other hand, these are actually statues of T-rex then gnomes are freakin’ HUGE


Not that the idea of a dinosaur like creature rampaging through a tiny gnome village is something nobody would have ever thought up without them, but BigMouth Inc appears to have done it first with their “The Great Garden Gnome Massacre” statuette, and then got copied.

First straight up copied, as in, counterfeits.
But now, as you can see, the companies doing the copying have gotten a bit more original, putting their own unique spin on it.

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Maybe we’ve all been laboring under a misconception about gnome size. I certainly was when it comes to hammer-making dwarves.


It was good to see Peter finally was able to show his true stature on screen.

The lawn is dark and full of terrors.



I must admit, I was all for the first one shown, until I saw the ‘raptor version; just those eyes, and the humour in one gnome hanging onto the other ones pants and pulling them down.
Yes, it’s juvenile humour, but it makes me laugh!


Obviously, the one looking backwards is not a dinosaur but is in reality an aging Falkor with alopecia. I mean, c’mon, look at those nostrils.

Gnome Improvement

Gnomes schmones. I want a garden critter that will devour trespassers. Or at least gum them mercilessly.

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Normally, I’m against violence; but when you have a flesh-eating dinosaur problem…

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