Which whisk(e)y will you be drinking?


I am Either very happy or very ashamed to report I own a fair number of the bottles listed. Perhaps around half? Maybe. I mean. I shouldn’t feel ashamed right? I’m among friends here?


Believe me, if I could afford it, so would I! When, as a freelancer, I go for months waiting to get my invoices paid, a $15 handle of bourbon is in my budget range. If I ever get my check, let me know what my bourbon investment should go towards.




That deserves some kind of award, like a darwin award but for engineering - there are some extremely specific cases where it’s not the worst way I can think of to chill your drink but damn if they aren’t few and far between.

won’t work in summer. In deep winter it could freeze your drink if you drive too long. wastes gasoline unless you already had to drive somewhere. For the same price you could set up a recirculating ice bath that has a zero percent chance of ejecting your champagne at highway speeds when you hit a bump

this makes those desktop peltier chillers look positively sensible by comparison


I think that was sorta the point, looking at the sales pitch, that it was for chilling a bottle you were bringing as a present. Or on the way home from the liquor store. And kind of missing the point that if you are the sort of doofus that forgets to chill in advance, this ain’t gonna save your butt.

Back on the topics of whiskeys, Kilbeggan is still cheap shite. Thank Lugh I still had a bottle of Writer’s Tears at home.


Cool Book:

Booze and Vinyl is the ultimate guide for listening parties, it covers 70 albums from the 1950s through the 2000s with cocktail pairings. Wickedly designed with original artwork and featuring photography throughout, the Spirited Guide features modern craft cocktails to old standbys. With theme suggestions and snack ideas, this is the ultimate listening party guide!”


Very nice.

I’m currently (slowly) reading:

which is as entertaining as you’d expect and helpfully has a pronunciation guide which tells me I’ve been getting scotch names hilariously wrong.


Just got both of these in the last week…


And Cape Charles Bourbon. New distillery in Virginia. Just opened in the spring, so there doesn’t seem to be any widely available photos yet


Questionable. Being apprx 3hrs from any measurable mountain and a Bay between … unless they have a considerably long pipeline to the Blue Ridge they are using tap or well water.

How was it?


yeah, I assume what they mean by that is “We use bottled spring water” hahaha

Its decent. It was a gift for my birthday I sipped some neat, then some over ice, and made an old fashioned with it. All three were decent, but I am not sure what the price point is on it. If it is under $50 it is well worth it. If a bottle runs over $75 then I am not sure I’d purchase it myself.


Pikesville is a delish rye IMO.


Me and Evan Williams tonight. Cause the bastards were fucking busy today at work.


You don’t have to like it. But it definitely benefits you. The vast bulk of Irish, Scotch, and Japanese whiskey is run through old bourbon barrels. Those styles dictate a used barrel. But quality used barrels from things like sherry, wine and brandy are expensive. Since barrels get reused there, by the time distilleries want to give them up they aren’t much use. So you pay a premium to get them before that point. The whiskey you do like wouldn’t be practical to produce in the same volumes without the steady source of cheap barrels that is the bourbon industry.

And though Sherry casks were the default for the full aging process in the past. These days your sherry barrel whiskey spends most of its time in bourbon and is usually only finished in Sherry (or rum, or port and so forth). Last few years with a barrel still wet with sherry apparently imparts better character than long aging in a barrel that’s had a few passes of whiskey already.

I remember the Green Label was one of the few bourbons I liked and for a good price. Website doesn’t seem to list it anymore, so they may not make it. It also looks like they have multiple classier versions available. Seems people are realizing they make more than a Jack knock off.


That tray is from one of the older Yakima bike rack systems, with “Yakima” painted over.


A friend found this for sale while I was out of town and picked up a bottle for me assuming I’d want some.

Not sure I’d have spent the money otherwise, but it is very nice stuff.


Looks like a very nice place to visit.


Just got these two bottles…




New Year’s AM!


I have a new bottle on my list of favourites: Flaming Pig Back Cask. It’s an Irish whiskey, finished in bourbon casks. It’s a good Dublin style whiskey with just the right mix of smokey and sweet that I like.

Sorry, Teeling. You’ve been moved down to third place: my current ranking is Writer’s Tears, then Flaming Pig, and then Teeling Small Batch.


What did Dylan Moran say? “Gin’s not really a drink as much as a mascara thinner”.