Which whisk(e)y will you be drinking?



To ring in 2019 (and more importantly give 2018 the shove off), I’ve settled on a Balvenie 15 year old single barrel sherry cask Scotch, and my wife selected a 2012 Crémant de Limoux sparkling brut rose by Gérard Bertrand. We’ll share of course.


Just the usual Evan Williams… Cause I would feel bad putting better stuff in the cola I got for a treat this evening.


I just don’t really like corn whisky, and bourbon has to be at least 51% corn.

That said, someone gave me a bottle of Hirsch small batch, and it was surprisingly enjoyable.


I find I that is another part that appeals less to me, the corn (maize, not grains in general). I even like barley in bread. John Barleycorn must die!

And to celebrate paying off my loans and my daughter graduating in the same month, I am going to treat myself to a bottle of Redbreast.


Much needed treat.

Melizmatic's Meme-versation (Part Deux)

Be right over… save me some of both! :wink:


Found this and I am pleasantly surprised for the $21 price tag.


That’s very decent stuff! And $21 is a bargain – around here it’s about $40.

When in the Pennsylvania area, it’s worth picking up a bottle of Jaquin’s Rock & Rye. A slight step down from Hochstadter’s, but for $10, it will keep the midwest cold away. And the bottle is amazing.8807701610526