Which whisk(e)y will you be drinking?



To ring in 2019 (and more importantly give 2018 the shove off), I’ve settled on a Balvenie 15 year old single barrel sherry cask Scotch, and my wife selected a 2012 Crémant de Limoux sparkling brut rose by Gérard Bertrand. We’ll share of course.


Just the usual Evan Williams… Cause I would feel bad putting better stuff in the cola I got for a treat this evening.


I just don’t really like corn whisky, and bourbon has to be at least 51% corn.

That said, someone gave me a bottle of Hirsch small batch, and it was surprisingly enjoyable.


I find I that is another part that appeals less to me, the corn (maize, not grains in general). I even like barley in bread. John Barleycorn must die!

And to celebrate paying off my loans and my daughter graduating in the same month, I am going to treat myself to a bottle of Redbreast.


Much needed treat.

Melizmatic's Meme-versation (Part Deux)

Be right over… save me some of both! :wink:


Found this and I am pleasantly surprised for the $21 price tag.


That’s very decent stuff! And $21 is a bargain – around here it’s about $40.

When in the Pennsylvania area, it’s worth picking up a bottle of Jaquin’s Rock & Rye. A slight step down from Hochstadter’s, but for $10, it will keep the midwest cold away. And the bottle is amazing.8807701610526


For those brave enough to go out into the cold here’s a great flask with a shot “glass” built in.

Or good enough for staying in front a fire too.


Reasonably priced, little bit of smoke and peat but not powerfully so, subtle, smooth, very enjoyable. I think this is the first whisky I’ve had from the Orkney Isles.


There’s only two distilleries in Orkney- The other one is Scapa:


I’ve only had Highland Park’s standard 12-year version - but it’s wonderful stuff. To me it’s a nice middle ground between the peaty Islay whiskies and the more typical HIghland or Speyside varieties (both of which I also enjoy).


Geez, how did I not know this was a thread? :open_mouth:

I’m on Monkey Shoulder right now, but first of the night was Nikka from the Barrel. :slight_smile:

I am sticking to two!


This has come up in my area and its relatively inexpensive and makes a decent Old Fashioned.


Also…for anyone in the New England area…


I’ve noticed the 12-year is always sold out at my local spot. A good sign.



“…complete with solid steel plate construction, a bullet-proof front window, an electronic lock system powered by a PIN code and secured by three 25mm vault door locking bolts, and a tri-spoke handle machined from aircraft aluminum so you can sleep easy knowing each drop is safe and sound.”

This will keep the kids out! And maybe you too if you forget the combo because, well, drinking.


A tactical drinks cabinet!


Did the meet and greet at the Whiskey Go weekend last night. Friends and I have done this about 6 years in a row now.

I tried the Proper 12 Irish whiskey from Conor McGregor and Bushmills and I have to say. Damn smooth for a $30 bottle. Grabbed on last night.