Which whisk(e)y will you be drinking?


Yeah. The process is similar to making bacon ice cream at home too (Which I have made numerous times including a bourbon, brown sugar, bacon ice cream which was so damn decadent).

Fig, Maple, and Bacon are really the only flavors I have enjoyed infused to bourbon/rye.


And the thing is, doing it yourself is, well, Maker-like. Happy Mutant territory, so you also get the pleasure of enjoying something you yourself made.


Might as well just add a touch of “Wright’s Liquid Smoke” instead! :slight_smile:

On that note, here’s the recipe for creating “scotch”, from the film Mister Roberts; obviously, don’t try this at home… or anywhere else:

1 pint of grain alcohol
Coke soft drink (enough to mimic “pale smoky color” of Red Label)
1 drop of iodine (for taste)
1 drop of hair tonic (“ages” the mixture; wait 10 seconds… to age)


liquid smoke is evil. It tastes manufactured and antiseptic to me.


Iodine! (for taste)


Whiskey Porn:


Not even if I won Powerball… it’s booze you drink it.


IKR, 60 years of mastering the domain… I would’ve lost the contest years ago.



(Save on tipping!)


I had a bit of a strange revelation today.

My whole life has been lived under the assumption that Southern Comfort is a brand of cheap-ish bourbon, along the lines of Evan Williams or Jack Daniels. And today I randomly discover that it’s actually a sweet cordial liquor that up until this year didn’t even have bourbon in it.


Eh, I bought a 14oz bottle of it for oven smoking fish. I think it’s great for that.

'Course the stuff I have it recommends 1.5oz per 100lbs of meat. Jesus I dunno how I’m going to use it all up.

Why on earth you’d want to put it in whiskey…

My preferred poison when I must go with the whiskey spectrum:



Figured I should take a pic of my cabinet for everyone.

Bourbons and ryes are up front for the pic. But then there are various rums. Some vermouth and Marsala for cooking and such. A few different tequilas (the spouse’s proffered poison) one or two gins. Etc.


SoCo was bizarrely popular when I was in college. I thought it tasted like cough syrup, and assumed that its origin was some kind of snake-oil product sold off the back of a wagon at revivals.


I propose a meetup at @quori ‘s house!


You have no idea how ok I’d be with this.



How’s the High West barreled Manhattan? I generally love High West stuff but am wary of pre-mixed cocktails.


I use it for Hawaiian style kalua pork. Rub it all over a pork butt, slow cook for 6 hrs, pull the pork, eat on Kings Hawaiian rolls with BBQ sauce.


Really really smooth actually. They knew what they were doing when they made it.


Here’s to us!
Who are like us?
Damn few…
And they’re all dead.