Whimsical grinder for making insect flour


I actually really like using insects in food, and every since trying them as a kid and never having an issue with the “gross” aspect I’ve been eager for it to be more approachable. I had high hopes for the video, but the product appears to be really cheap. I think I would rather use a cheap coffee grinder for powdering insects and traditional cooking utensils for the rest.

As is, I can only find insects (not ton a ton of research) for about $30-75 a pound online while something like farmed tilapia is currently at about $2-4 per pound.

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I think I could easily accept processed food products with insect protein in it, but I wouldn’t want to eat whole insects anymore than I’d want to eat an intact chicken foot or a piece of pork that still had pig hair on it.

You’re never going to convince many people to embrace bugs as a sustainable food source if you keep featuring things like Whole-Scorpion Lentil Salad and Locust Fondue with legs and wings sticking out.


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