Whiskey fungus is a real-life Lovecraftian nightmare, only drunker


The BMS list of common names for fungi is a great source for dreadful (and occasionally good) band names.

The NYT link was paywalled for me, but the Wikipedia page for the fungus was interesting.


Devil’s Cut for Beam. Devils Share for a few who are getting in on the trend. Getting the spirits back involves putting distilled water in the barrel and spinning it at high speed and then letting it sit.

There’s a lot of evaporation, too. The Buffalo Trace folks claim 10% loss in year 1 (evaporation and absorption), then 4% per year for around 8 years, then 3% per year after that. Figure in leaks and other factors, and a 55 gallon barrel yields around 13-14 gallons after 25 years. Fun fact, though, in Kentucky distillers get taxed every single year on each barrel being aged, regardless of how much is in it.


Those jerks stole my bit! :wink:


OMG, press go Brrrr with this, I searched ADnD fungus farming expecting someone to have made at least a passing exploit at earning XP from Brown Fungus farming but with Baudoinia and no, there are 40 press articles, all with JD people deadpanning they don’t know any problems about that fungus thing here. Do they not take grain inputs anymore? And do yeast things? It’s just this heaving beast they keep distilling now…

NYT> Dalla Lana … in honor of Baudoin.

Who are these people? Paris, Texas III characters? Oh, Baudoin is the OG discoverer of sooty bits in Cognac, France. Dalla Lana is a family of c.f. Canadian medical office property owners. I mean Toronto, but it needs this line to Bhuddism and Baidu or sometimes Baudrillard, right? Make it make sense, Toronto Arts Peeps! Ah, philanthropy prevails? Buddhism, Psychology and Mental Health Faculty - New College

What’s the building that’s hideous and has all the soot at the base, is that a barrel house?
Why in blazes wouldn’t they run a condenser in the place and bottle up what otherwise calls out to consume the Ms. Willis of the article when wisps of justice alight? Run heat pumps and distill, you blighted ghouls.

Also impressed that wet air rises, but not in Tennessee. And liquored air sinks plus does something that isn’t valorated yet (make the Baodoinkadoinkia fix nitrogen and stuff! Turn up the eigengrau washability and turn teal or proper melanins for spring! E’ybody got the new Cassandra Khaw? Does it have howling fungus?)


Over this length of time, it’s probably evolved to require lower and lower amounts, as it’s exposed to environments further from the booze. It’s possible that the fungus living on people’s houses doesn’t even need ethanol to survive any more.


It only seems to be surviving in close proximity to the distillery. Seems to be incredibly thick on neighboring properties - just smothering everything - and then dropping off to nothing beyond that, whereas if it really didn’t require the ethanol, I’d think you’d see a more even distribution.


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