White chocolate is technically not chocolate


My theory is that children prefer white chocolate because children don’t like flavors. Up to about age 14, my son proved this hypothesis regularly.


Eh, i was very neutral on white chocolate. I didn’t dislike it but i didn’t ask for it either, if it was offered i wouldn’t turn it down so…Though i am curious to see what the demographics are on who likes it (age, sex, location, etc.).

Went ahead and looked it up and i found this though i would like to see more granularity on the demographics but its something




Some of the best cookies i’ve ever had were a spicy chocolate cookie. Someone baked a batch at a party and they went by mostly untouched so i helped myself to nearly all of them.



It’s a type of cheese, right?


For someone like me with severe acid reflux, I have choose wisely because even Opmeprazole helps only so much.
Things like mango with a light dusting of chili powder, strong Italian sausage, or sushi with only the slightest tinge of wasabi I can handle, but more than that makes my guts feel like a smelting plant.


I love both. I also like carob a whole lot. However, a Hersey bar or kiss is basically chocolate flavored wax.



White chocolate is technically not chocolate


White chocolate doesn’t make me sneeze lile regular chocolate (mostly dark chocolate).

(It is related to my photic sneezing)


Made me think of:

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Why did we need white chocolate to begin with? What was wrong with chocolate? It’s chocolate, it’s great. Why did we need to make white chocolate? Do you love the taste of chocolate but can’t stand looking at it? Well, try some white chocolate – it’s from the people that brought you white Jesus.


Alternately, if white chocolate is your favorite chocolate it’s because you developed an allergy to cocoa solids later in life and are trying to enjoy the few chocolate options left to you.


Chocolate is my #1 reflux trigger, presumably because of the theobromine. If this news means that I can eat one of those white-chocolate-macadamia cookies and still sleep horizontally then I will rejoice.

Well, first I will mourn the lack of actual chocolate-chip cookies in my life, as I do every day. But then I will rejoice.


Wouldn’t that be aphotic sneezing? I mean it is dark chocolate you said mostly affects you… ducks


“Chocolate flavoured” because their products frequently fail to meet the legal definition of milk chocolate in either the UK or the US.

(Most of the articles I found were from 2009, mind, this could have changed).


Technically not chocolate - the best kind of technically not!


Partly, but it’s also that you’ve lost the childhood appreciation of sweetness. https://recipes.howstuffworks.com/menus/kids-taste-buds.htm


It used to baffle me that Daddy didn’t want dessert.


I knew I was an adult the first time I looked at the dessert menu in a restaurant and chose a non-chocolate option.