White chocolate is technically not chocolate


It seems like people either like it or they hate it. I think it just tastes like some kind of approximately chocolate consistency sugar gunk and I avoid it. I know other people who think it’s amazing. Not so many people who are ambivalent about it.


I don’t know about amazing. I like it though.


The ringworm is neither a ring nor a worm. It is a fungus.

The fishstick is neither a fish nor a stick. It is a fungus.

– Matt Groening


When I was a kid I kind of liked Zero bars, but as an adult if it’s not dark and bitter, do not want.


Those are overly sweet. I would still eat one if I could find it but my one source when they have it also has much more tempting dark chocolate and stout truffles.


Dark chocolate and stout truffles… now you’re speaking my language. I don’t eat a lot of sweets, but that sounds pretty fantastic.


But does white chocolate contain tyramine?




K. I’m suspecting you missed the part where I didn’t say white chocolate was objectively bad. I said I hate it. I appreciate that for some reason, you have a sore spot for white chocolate criticism. But not everyone who doesn’t like white chocolate (including me) hasn’t had a properly prepared version of it. I have been to Jacques Torres’ Choco-Story NY in Manhattan. You can be informed and still think it’s absolutely terrible. I do take solace, though, that at some point, I may anger a pastry chef by expressing my honest opinion.


Not sugary sweet although it has coconut palm sugar.
Spicy. A bit.
Delicious in hot whole cow’s milk, hot almond milk, etc.


Sometimes I add more cinnamon. I love real cinnamon (from Sri Lanka).


I had a friend in grade school with an allergy who could only eat these Pepperidge Farm “chocolate chip cookies” and the cookies tasted ok to me, but even then as a kid I knew I’d be sticking to dark chocolate given the choice.

I wonder if people with allergies to cocoa can get by unprocessed, organic cacao nibs. Maybe there’s a subset of folks for whom the allergy is the alkali (“dutch cocoa process”) and not the poor ol’ lovable Theobroma cacao itself.

Otoh, this, ouch:
Some people are definitely reactive, Zoiks!



Mmm. ■■■■■

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