White House spokesman refuses to answer the question "When was Trump's last negative Covid-19 test?"

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I’ve seen this discussed elsewhere online this week, and it sure implies that Trump wasn’t getting tested daily as he liked to say (but then it’s par for the course for Trump to just casually lie), probably the people around him were getting tested regularly, and he thought that would be enough.


Sigh, Trump is always par for the course, even when he double bogeys every hole.


The Woodward interviews suggest he just magically thought he wouldn’t get it. No explanation, just didn’t think it could happen.

Magical, megalomaniac thinking. Maybe he really thinks he is immune, or invincible or something. Which is going to be weird for him when he gets past the boost the steroids gave him, and he takes a turn for the worse.


Yep. The refusal to even address the reason for not addressing the question is kind of a giveaway here - there’s outright desperation to avoid the issue. Either Trump failed to get tested before the debate, as was required, or he actually knew he was positive. Either way, it shows they can’t be trusted.


I’ve been speculating that 45’s had it for quite some time, and either he wasn’t being tested, or he was and there were just tons of false negatives… or maybe he tested positive and they knew, and just denied it until they could no longer hide the truth.


They’ve done that for everything so far. Why stop at a little covid? Baghdad bob all over again. Non of my republican friends (yes I have them - kind of) remember this guy btw… it’s almost like a intentional block.


Hallie Jackson did an amazing job here. Hands down best interviewing I have seen.


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I’ve been WFH since March 16 and I’ve had MSNBC and CNN on in the background non stop. I’ve heard just about every WH briefing M-F since then and the female WH reporters have been fierce and relentless.

My greatest wish is that the news outlets and the newspaper editors conspire and send out only their female correspondents (and maybe Jim Acosta, too). It might destroy Trump.


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