Profiles in Courage: Donald J. Trump, Superspreader

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Every time I hear a someone say superspreader I think of Larry Craig.


The image of Trump ignoring his condition for a week while simultaneously coughing all over top Republican donors gives me a weird sense of satisfaction.

You get what you paid for fellas.


I think he needs to have a nice, intimate conversation with “Mule Piss” McConnell over the Senate’s plans in the (roughly) month before the election.


The White House is being super cagey about when Trump’s last negative result was, which implies he wasn’t getting tested very often (he didn’t like it) and he’s been infecting people for a while. It’ll be interesting to see how many people die as a result of Trump’s unchecked super-spreader status.

Unfortunately, if he’s been infecting people for a while, he probably is past it now and not going to get particularly sick, which is pretty much the worst case scenario for Trump getting covid. Now he’s going to downplay the pandemic even more. Meanwhile all we get to look forward to is a week of Trump’s steroid mania and then a crash when he comes off it.


He’d be pretty lucky to cruise through with this having been the worst of it. Steroids make you feel better, but the virus may still be multiplying - my money is on at least one more trip to the hospital. Remember, when the bluster is done he’s pretty much a big baby. As soon as he feels bad again he’ll panic and bail for the hospital.


Most COVID patients don’t start having breathing difficulties until day 7 to 10 and COVID lasts about 14 days or so before the antibodies are created. If he really is showing anti-bodies today, that would put him as infectious at around September 23. In that is the case, Trump was the super spreader. Hicks and others would have caught it from him.


I can think of nothing I would like to see spread any less than Donald J. Trump.


My bet is that he tested positive for covid on the Sunday before the debate. And knowingly, deliberately, and malevolently was hoping to infect Biden.


I can’t decide if this should be photoshopped to be “The Masque of the Red State Death” or “The Masque of the Orange Death.”


His doctors’ report (take with large grain of salt) is that he’s no longer testing positive. (Which also suggests he was sick much, much earlier than admitted. Especially now that it turns out dozens of people around him in the White House alone are testing positive.) So he might have some long-term health impacts, and once the steroids are over he’ll be feeling like crap, but he’s likely already been as ill as he’s going to get. Although some people have “relapses” even after the virus is cleared from their bodies, so we might get to see him not feeling so hot and not have the steroids to buoy him up. It’ll be… interesting if he goes back to the hospital in the near future.

It’s certainly possible. We know he went to events after he knew he was infected - he didn’t even care about infecting his big money donors. (It would be darkly humorous if the Republican party lost donors that way… permanently. Metaphor for this administration…) But it also seems like Trump must have been skipping being tested himself as well - not doing daily tests but relying on everyone around him being tested, instead.


But the Magic Box was supposed to ward off the evil spirits!

Earlier this week, Jenkins sent a letter to the Notre Dame community apologizing for not wearing a mask at the event and shaking hands with other Rose Garden guests, explaining that he had received a negative test result from a COVID-19 rapid test and was told that meant he could remove his mask. He also said that he was quarantining as a result of his conduct at the event.


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