White power attempt to take over a small North Dakota Town

Well of course he’s going to name it after himself… and fret over Mossad and Migrant workers… why wouldn’t he? I do wonder if they actually think these tactics are effective.


You can pretty well declare that place a Mossad-free zone without bothering to take over the town politically. It’s in North Dakota. It already is a Mossad-free zone.

my question is where is this guy getting all this money?

Cobb had moved to Estonia in 2005 but was later deported to Canada, where he was arrested in 2010 on federal charges of willful promotion of hatred. He fled back to the United States.

so all that happened, which spells “huge cash drain with periods of unemployment”, then within 3 years he’s spending thousands of dollars on property? there’s no way anyone hired him during that period for anything above subsistence wages. He’s 61, though, so maybe he had a good job before and saved? either that or he’s running guns or drugs.

sidebar: there’s a town in ND with only 19 people living in it and one of them is black? do they have a unicorn that lives there, too? As a resident of chocolate city, my visit to ND felt bizarre for how white it was. that’s just long odds is all I’m saying.

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That was kind of my point about Mossad… :wink:

Good question - I think a fair amount of organizations like that look to exploit either the grey or black market, so that’s a possibility. But maybe he’s getting funding from someone with more money and a desire to stay anonymous? I’d assume he’d want money from people who moved there. It would be nice to see a money trail on this stuff.

I’ve heard that about the upper mid-West/ some parts of the northwest. A friend of mine told me a similar story of where he came from Southern Oregon.

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Cobb has even built a concrete prison, where he plans to “lock up recalcitrant journalists and lefty commies who violate the codes or peace of the community.”

So he’s planning to institute a Constitution-free zone too, I see.

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He learned it by watching our government…


It all seems incredibly silly to me.

Then again it also makes me go ‘what the fuck is going on with the world and why doesn’t it make sense?’

Then again on the OTHER hand… i tend to say that when I wake up since the world generally doesn’t make sense.

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I don’t know… I don’t think that trying to form independent communities in the US is all that new. Groups like the National Alliance and other Neo-Nazi/White power organizations have been building self-isolating compounds for years. Same with hippie communes and the like (communes have a rather long history in the US, actually)–the point is to have an autonomous as possible community of like minded individuals. I think the only thing that is different here is that the guy is trying to basically buy out a small town. Then again, we aren’t too far removed historically from “sunset” towns. There was still talk of that around the south into the 80s, though the tones used to talk about it by then were generally disapproving, at least in polite company.

Honestly, I think there might be a sense amongst some white supremacist that they are in the midst of something of a revival for them. I tend to avoid white power institutions online like the plague, but I’d bet that that is what they are thinking. Hell, some kid who is a freshman at my Uni started a “white student union”… FYI, my uni is about 36% white, 37% black… so very diverse campus. But I don’t think he would have tried something like this if the WP community wasn’t feeling bolder.

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Only thought that comes to mind is they’re thinking the NSA scandal, occupy, and whatnot just proves them right and validates their world view.

I never got segregation as an ideology. Your’e better off mixing and using eachother’s strengths to cover for your own weaknesses.

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