White Supremacist wants to build Aryan enclave with Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign


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How different is a 20-person North Dakota town from an aryan enclave to begin with?


They do have a interesting fitness program for the kids:


I’m almost inclined to wish his plan success so long as nobody who moves there is ever allowed to leave.


Does Indigogo except Marlboros and Doc Martins? He might have a chance then.


Mein Kampf bottle feeding will be compulsory!


I know the perfect place for him… I’m sure that the enclave would be welcomed with open arms to Richland Farms aka Compton, CA!


Are you talking about making a ghetto ?


basically, he is. but ignoring his stipulation, maybe it’s better that they contain themselves out there in the middle of nowhere?


We could just tell them that the entire outside world is the ghetto, and they were the only ones who were allowed to leave. That should do it.


Pity they aren’t trying to build the cool kind of Aryan enclave. Starks need all the help they can get.


I <3 Arya Stark!


Wait, is he talking about a compound of racists, or the White(ening) Power of oxidizers like Oxyclean? Cause if he wants to live in a big cloud of ozone I’ll send him five bucks.


Team Brienne!!


There were no red-haired Irishmen, until the Vikings came to Ireland,
And how many Romans had dark curly hair before they brought slaves from Africa?
No race on Earth is completely pure,
Nor is anyone’s mind and that’s for sure,
The winds mix the dust up from every land
And so will woman and man.

(attributed to Pete Seeger)


And in that enclave he can compile a super-tiny library of all the texts that don’t challenge his embarrassing worldview!


I think that it is pretty tasteless that Home Depot caters to their narrow minded world:


Deport this asshole home.


If I had to sum up this person in one word, it would surely be “supreme”


Given GRR Martin’s track record it probably wouldn’t pay to get too attached …