White Queen series giveaway


Blergh. Facebook. Can’t I “like this post” here? I like it here.

Yeah, I’m not really interested in a adding a Facebook like that FB will use as an ad with my name attached and show to my friends. I avoid liking anything commercial on FB for that reason.

Also, the post wasn’t marked as sponsored even though the copy is nearly identical as other White Queen series giveaways, such as at http://www.kdwb.com/contests/win-the-white-queen-on-dvd/275982?desktop=true&desktopviewduration=86400

Register to win The White Queen!

Own your copy of the Starz Original mini-series, The White Queen, the riveting portrayal of one of the most dramatic and turbulent times in English history told uniquely through the perspective of three relentless women as they scheme, manipulate and seduce their way onto the English throne.

Own The White Queen on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD now from Anchor Bay Entertainment.

I think this is an important distinction for BB because sometimes they just like stuff and sometimes it is sponsored. I wasn’t sure which this was except that the copy sounded like it was written by a PR person rather than a BBer.

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I was also going to add my annoyance at these spammy posts with no attribution and no indication it is sponsored. Not that I expect any of the editors actually bothers to read the comments now they’ve been moved off site, but I wonder how the Mark, Cory or David of 10 years ago would feel about the creeping consumerism on boingboing.

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You mean how they used to think cookies were bad but now you have to Like a Facebook page (that can result in you being used as a semi-unwilling ad) to win a unmarked commercial product placement give away? Seems like it would be out of character for them back then. But, BB is still one of the few sites that isn’t covered in social media widgets. I don’t see an embeded FB like button on any of the posts.

However, IIRC, clear attribution of sponsorships or declarations of conflicts of interests, be it in search results, blog posts, editorials, reviews, etc. used to be a big theme on BB when it came to other sites. That editorial stance seems to have waned rather dramatically. BB was really big on transparency as a beneficial public policy when it comes to the web.

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I was just bothered that we were being sent to Facebook for swag instead of sharing the love right here in our community BBS thingy.

If it’s an unmarked sponsorship text clipping, that sucks more. I’m ok with Boing Boing making money and I can even wrap my mind around the giant intrusive McDonald’s advertisements but I really want this to be the kind of place that wouldn’t send us packing off to like a Facebook post-for-hire. That world belongs to the Synergy Octopus.

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