White woman blocks black man from entering his own apartment building

The government building where I work requires a security badge to buzz in. People without a badge have to sign in, go thru a whole process. We are supposed to decline holding the door for anyone without a badge.

It leads to some awkward moments but nothing a little humor can’t relieve. And if you feel THAT weird, you best just leave and find security. But this guy didn’t do anything alarming…

Seemed like he tried to tell her, show her his key fob. She seemed drunkenly intent on “catching” him trespassing. When she switched to wanting to know who he was visiting, she stopped herself from saying she wanted to see who would…have a black friend? If she’s not drunk, fooled me.

Drunk or not, she has deeper personal issues. Not the least of which will be her newest role HMH

We get it, you’re better than us. Good job. Here’s your cookie. Now if you could kindly quit derailing the thread, that’d be great.


5 years ago this wouldn’t have happened, but the rise of fascism has allowed racism to raise its ugly head once more.

Just going to float this:
Ms. Mueller has a biracial ex-partner, so:
What if Ms. Mueller is just an asshole and not a racist asshole?

The “good news” is that people won’t open their doors no matter what color you are if they don’t know who you are. The bad news is that they literally called the cops to waste their/your time. At some point, there should be a fine for irresponsible use of the police. You knocked on their door and left after a few minutes. Calling 911 in response is hardly appropriate.




No no. Clearly their shit doesn’t stink whatsoever.

because ya know…We should completely take seriously some rando avatar on the internet hiding behind absolute anonymity without providing any details about them-self or their particular place of origin/residence.

People like this are what makes the internet horrible.


She was an entitled property manager who thought she could push her weight around in some personal power trip. She has no right to interrogate anyone, but she did. In fact, her behavior bordered on menacing because she stalked the guy in the building. No wonder her employer fired her. If she conducted herself this way on their properties, she was bad for business.


Racism isn’t only defined by intent, but by one’s actions.


And then CALLS THE COPS anyway.


Are you saying that the man who also pays rent in that building DOESN’T have that same right?


Because this is still a major, unresolved set of issues, because WHITE AMERICA WILL NOT ADMIT IT’S STILL RACIST AS HELL. The knife ain’t even out. We’re no where towards healing the wound.


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“Somehow”. It just kinda happened! No one’s really sure how! Couldn’t have been when my whitey ancestors showed up and started killing people for their land or anything …


I volunteer at a museum with security badges, but as a volunteer, I don’t get my own. I buzz security and they let me in and issue me a badge for the day. Since I’ve been doing this for 3.5 years, sometimes staff will happily try to badge me in because they know me. But security doesn’t really like that so I decline every time. Unless security tells me otherwise, anyway.


The Root knocks it out of the park as usual.

Next time white people complain about property taxes, realize your taxes could be a bit lower if you didn’t call the police as if they are customer service.


Just to ensure the facts are straight here…She was not the property manager of this building. The company she worked for (Tribeca-STL) does not own this building (Elder Shirt Lofts). She is merely a resident of the Lofts the same as Mr. Toles. There is no information on what her role with Tribeca-STL was.


RE: “Has a right to feel safe.”

Well, that isn’t actually a right. Especially when your fear isn’t based on anything. I also question the premise she didn’t feel safe. Because I have been around people I felt were sketchy and you know what I didn’t do? Follow them around unarmed late at night while questioning their motives.


I recall something like this happening in college where, in a friendly manner, I asked someone coming into my dorm “oh, hi! Who are you here to see?” (The keycards were set up such that you didn’t have access to entryways other than those of your residential grouping, at least on that part of campus.)

But then I simply took the man’s answer at face value. When his demeanor changed slightly – “is this man asking me this because I’m black?” it was easy to see the thought forming – I immediately moved into a mode of apologizing for being at all intrusive, of smoothing over the awkwardness. “Oh, I completely believe you belong here. Just tell [friend’s name] that I say hello.”

I’m pretty sure this wasn’t me exhibiting unconscious bias – just idle curiosity, really I was likely to ask this question of anyone – but I thought about it a while after to be sure. I also understand how it could come across as a microaggression (not that we used that term at the time) in that context. The instant the interaction even got a sniff of “are questions of bias in play here?”, the priority was immediately to deescalate.

That’s what makes HMH’s behavior here so clearly racist. Doing an initial light check of “oh, hey, does this person belong here” would probably be okay. What she did was much more hamfisted than light, even at the very start. Then the inability to recognize clear signs he did belong (knowing the names of building staff, e.g.) and failing to deescalate, apologize for being at all intrusive, etc., is what’s fully damning.


So your point of view is, it’s not my job, so I don’t care? I do care who enters my building. Mail theft in San Francisco is a huge issue, not to mention bike theft.

Yeah, at that point she should have let it go. But prior to that, she didn’t do anything wrong.