White woman blocks black man from entering his own apartment building

The way she couched her phrasing as “I and we” was clever;

I’m not “blaming” you, I’m not “better than you” - I’m the same, and I’m just acknowledging the reality that impacts us all.

To bad it seems like too many people’s egotism combined with their own personal mythos is too immense for the message to get through…


Yep. Much of the video is her explaining the kind of common white defensiveness that prevents the rest of her message from even being heard.


She lays it out so clearly. I couldn’t help but recognize my own racism in her deconstruction, and see how much further I …and we…have to go.


Doorway Doris
Vestibule Vera
Foyer Fionna
Oh, this is fun!


Problem is they’d have to go voluntarily. Everything else is just worse.
But trust me, we’re working on it. As a biologist, I am confident I know life finds a way. Humans, OTH…


I thought I heard a little telltale in her speech; not that that’s any excuse, she’s still a bigoted Betty.


Has anyone mentioned she’s married to an African American? Also, she followed the rules of the homeowner association by not letting someone in that they do not know. PLEASE UPDATE THIS ARTICLE WITH ALL THE FACTS. To be honest, I had the same feelings that most of you did when I first watched thIs. But I later found out the facts.

you aren’t following the facts. Her relationship with her estranged husband is irrelevant. I find it hard to believe the home owner’s association (which a condo building would not have) would say “follow someone to their door and then call the cops on them when they use their keys to let themselves into their home”. And lastly you seem to be missing the only fact that mattered here… WHITE WOMAN FOUND BLACK MAN SUSPICIOUS AND THEREFORE HARASSED HIM.


Yep; a couple of times, and it still doesn’t matter:

Bigots can and do make ‘personal exceptions’ for those they consider to be “the good ones,” all the time.

I’m getting real tired of all these fucking paper thin justifications some people keep coming up with…


joined BB just for this stupidity. some fucking people.

Also…WTF is with this bullshit of “but her husband is black” Just because you watched Monster’s Ball this weekend doesn’t mean that’s how real life works. JHFC.


It’s an equivalent of the lame “But some of my best friends are Black!” defense mechanism.

A fallacious premise, in other words.

By the same note, Thomas Jefferson had a whole plantation of kids with ‘Dusky Sally’ but he was still a slave owner and she was still his slave.

Also, here’s a repost because it can never be illustrated enough, apparently:



It’s not a crime.



The fact that she is married but separated with her POC husband could be a contributing factor to her utter stupidity/racism

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Baseless speculation, seems to me. That she has any connections whatsoever with any POC really has no bearing on the fact that her treatment of this man is yet another instance of obnoxious and potentially deadly white surveillance.


Total speculation on my part for sure… but separation/divorce can bring out the nasty

My response to this is I can concur with the notion that her separation might be adding to her behavior…but if she is taking that out on some random person that simply makes her even more of an ASSHOLE in my view.

Don’t treat someone else like shit because you are pissed at your ex.


She doubled down on her actions.



Not sure if this represents hopeless asshole or white privilege to the nth degree. Probably both.


I can understand the initial wariness, but not following the man all the way to his door and then still calling the police after seeing him use his key to enter his apartment.

That’s what truly damns her as a bigot, as well as a busybody, nosy neighbor, and it’s a shame that she still doesn’t seem to ‘get it.’

She can ‘defend’ her actions all she likes, she still went too far and now she’s reaping the consequences.



My building has similar policies.

I have not opened the door for someone who seemed to be having trouble getting in (I didn’t block the door, I just didn’t cross the lobby to open it). But, if someone did push past me on the way in, I am not about to risk my safety following them. That is what the security cameras are for.

I don’t know about you, but from my own experiences, if I think someone is an actual threat to me, I am putting a physical barrier between us, not serving as that physical barrier (the exception being if I truly thought that they were an immanent physical threat to someone more vulnerable than me).

You don’t tail someone you think is truly dangerous. You don’t call the police on someone who has committed no crime (he had keys and used them and she only called after that, after he’d put a physical barrier between himself and a threat).

The cops themselves would tell you not to put your safety at risk over a condo board directive. Plus, any reasonable person would tell you that the directive is more “don’t go out of your way to grant access”, not “put yourself in the path of someone trying to come in”. Because no condo board wants the lawsuit when a tenant blocks a legitimate bad actor and gets hurt or killed in the process. In other words, when someone pulls the whole “my key’s not working / the buzzer seems to be broke” schtick", you don’t walk over and open the door for them.

The entire situation screams entitlement on her part, including (especially) this (from earlier linked Yahoo article):

Thornton said on the day in question, she had the building’s front door cracked to allow her dog outside access,

In other words, she wasn’t going out, she was blocking the entryway so her precious doggie could have outside time.

And clearly, her employer, who would have an idea about proper implementation of such security protocols didn’t agree with her excuse.