White woman interrupted a Broadway talkback to call the playwright "racist against white people."

“whom I’ll call broadway becky…”


Call me when there is structural bias at the society level sort of racism against white people. (and just calling white people out on being dicks doesn’t really count)

Also …




Part of me is aching to make a joke about how this woman’s attempt to make the play all about her is just vicious, intentional neglect to make it all about me, but another, sadder part of me is acutely aware of Poe’s Law.


It’s not super hard, if you are not mentally able to deal with the subject matter then don’t go to the show.

No, in this case you’re not reading it correctly. There was a POC only night during previews, but she did her bullshittery on a regular night over a month later.


So, so many people. I guess it’s because they want to be as public as possible about their opinions, and to try and humiliate the creator in front of everyone, but… yeah. All it ever achieves is making the complainer look stupid, which is just as well because this is a stupid thing to do.

Over here recently a far-right “activist” idiot approached an openly gay artist then whipped out a huge pink dildo and waved it in his face. And like, wow man, you’re so brave and edgy, you totally showed them… whatever it is that you wanted to show them. But also, I couldn’t help but think about how he must have gone through all the trouble to buy the huge pink dildo. Looking it up, finding the one that looks just right, putting his personal info in the sex shop’s system (unless he went into the store in person to buy the dildo which adds some extra hilarity), then walking around with a huge dildo in his pocket all day… If he has an issue with dudes and dicks, I’m not entirely sure what is more embarrassing: for the artist to get a dildo shoved into his face, or for this asshole to spend all that time and care and money on a thing he (supposedly) finds disgusting, that he then carries around all day, for one single moment that makes him look like an idiot.


FFS, that guy needs a hobby or something, maybe? Or at least a less trollish activity!


from the guardian’s review:

The play may simply give white people yet another platform to gaze on black bodies exposed to physical and sexual violence while simultaneously patting themselves on the back for “surviving” the experience. The onstage mirrors are the perfect metaphor for the play itself: it gives a mostly white audience another chance to see themselves.


A thing they most certainly will not do, nor would it occur to most that it was a thing they should do.


Or he should just love himself and accept the Him he’s been hiding all these years?

Let’s hope they paid cash or they may get some interesting targeted ads

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