Who needs Superman when you have Super Bean?

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Wowch. Fun, but after ten minutes I haven’t seen this guy take a single breath in.
A bit much, reminded me obliquely of Johnny Weismuller, who could hold his breath for 90 black-and-white minutes at a time.

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With Henry Cavill announcing his retirement from the role of Superman

Less retirement as being asked to leave it seems.


Yeah, I don’t know… Jezebel had that story, but they took it down for some reason (no explanation)… it was from a podcast, I think… I posted all that in one of the other threads on DC or Cavill, or something like that? I don’t know what’s happening with that story…

ETA: Here ya go!


Hmm, I wonder why. Fear of a lawsuit I expect


Could be… they also could have gotten some evidence that the story was made up bullshit too? But usually, they would print an actual retraction, etc, to explain what’s happening… But I hope it’s made up bullshit, and not a real thing.


Mr Bean vs Batman would have been a better conflict IMO.

Batman could spend weeks trailing / investigating Mr Bean and get no closer to finding out anything. And any physical confrontation would be a comical farce. As Vegeta found out when trying to fight a gag comic character.

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