"Who put this dick on my back?"


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A delightful midwestern drawl, but I’m not entirely sure someone else put that on his back. It’s entirely possible he did it to himself!!!


It’s great to see that the computerization of the financial trading sector hasn’t taken away their sense of community.


He’s a… Trump voter?


I see this, and I think “Put that dick down. Dick is for closers.”

#NeedsMoreLikes (formerly known as "All the Likes")


The Mix - There’s a d**k on my back! YouTube playlist does not disappoint.


Great, now everyone is going to want one. And in 100 years this will be a funny video on the internet, explaining why all the stock trading servers have a dildo attached to them.


“Oh, now that’s just offensive. Who put a stock trader on my dildo??”


Truly, a question for the ages.


What are you talking about? He sounded perfectly normal to me.



Or who put this human on that dick!


Dicks … why did it have to be dicks …


Seriously, he did to me.

On the other hand, I practically need subtitles to understand people on the East Coast.


And he has something on his back, but I’m not sure what.


Life can be cruel.

BTW: Best thing on BB today!


It’s dicks, all the way down.


Lookit dat saaaasage overrr byy derre…


“Who put this dick on my back?” is the new catch phrase for the next 4 years. At least that’s how I feel since the election.


#“Who put this dick on my back?”