Who was Jack T. Chick, publisher of the best-selling comics in history

i used to enjoy editing these to make the stories more “interesting” and sending them to friends in the mail.


Who was Jack Chick?

Oh, I can answer that:

A racist, homophobic, misogynistic, lying bastard.

That’s everything you need to know about Jack Chick.


And the only person a Chick tract would actually work on is someone who already believes in god and takes all the baggage that comes with that for granted.

It’s so stupid. It’s like he wrote all these tracts just cuz he was a huge asshole, not that he actually wanted to convert anyone.

It’s like he was a psychopath, he was completely incapable of even attempting to imagine what it’d be like for someone who’s not already a fundie christian to read these things.

Chick tract: “Jesus is real and the bible says…”

Hindu person: “I’ve never heard of Jesus, but he’s not making a more compelling point than the Gitas. Also, I’m kinda offended that they’ve said I deserve to be tortured forever a bunch of times in here.”


“God loves you, which is why sent himself as his own son to offer himself as a blood sacrifice to himself to appease his own rage at you doing all the things he created you and the universe to do. Isn’t that great? Also his love is completely unconditional, except for a specific set of conditions. What could be simpler?”


This is why I say religion is hard to distinguish from mental illness.

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He wrote these tracts because in his mind they all counted as conversions for HIM. Or that at least he was involved with.

Similarly, the churches that combined to give him hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in profit bought these to give out to people so they could hand them out, and consider their evangelizing “done and dusted.” Zero effort prosthelytizing. Absolutely a scheme that could really only work in america.

None of this means it actually worked, but every step along the way felt like accomplishment!


This shit is tax free


It’s a good racket if you’re morally bankrupt and can get in on it.




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