Davy DMX, Influential Early Hip Hop Mega-Producer



Weird–random panels on this don’t show the “antiqued” effect (i.e. the effect that makes it look like it was done with the old four-color printing process that newsstand comics used to use).

The style changes to reflect the time. The panels with sharper lines are from 90s videos and games.

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I thought the Pulp Fiction characters played by Samuel Jackson and John Travolta were inspired by an early comic by Jack Chick, the artist who went on to do the lovably awful Chick comic-book format Christian tracts. As I recall, he had an earlier comic about a couple of kick-ass traveling preachers, one white and one black, who were dressed like hitmen, unafraid to kill, and were wandering across the country dispensing two-fisted Christian justice.

Looking for a link to this, haven’t found it yet.

Edit: If anyone comes back to this page, I found the link. : ) It wasn’t before the Chick tracts, but it was a series of comic books with a salt-and-pepper team of two-fisted preachers.


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