I have questions.

  • Who made this? Is it a known meme of some kind? The production values are pretty solid.
  • I feel like this is a grammar wonk joke that’s slightly out of my reach, what’s the deal with “whomst’d’ve”


Wait wait! I have information!

I’m so old.



Wait so this is from January 31, 2017 ish. I’m not that late to the scene.


The expanding brain memes are a few weeks old afaict from Imgur.


Samer? Or differenter?


Fer cryin out loud, that’s gonna give me nightmares. Thanks a lot. You really are some kind of bat demon aren’t you?


I am immune to this as Emma Watson does not do it for me. I realize she is the Princess Leia of a younger generation though.


She’s no princess leia, but she’s certainly not ugly.


My thought watching the whomst’d’ve video was “I wonder what Richard Dawkins thinks of his legacy to most people being a name for ridiculous internet ideas. I should phone him and ask about whomst’d’ve.” Then I figured that there would also be Dawkins meta-memes, but I didn’t find anything I liked. But I like the whole science-vs-pop culture + gender bending weirdness of that image.



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