Who's Coming With Me?



Where are we going?

Is there cake there?


We’re not going far.

There is cake. The cake is not a lie. Let no one tell you otherwise.


Why not. I don’t get out enough. :slight_smile:



Are we there yet?


Does @William_Holz have anything to do with this?

And is pie involved? I’m more of a pie person.


Don’t make me stop the car!

mmm cake.


Can we stop for a wee?


Not yet.


Pie is just low-carb cake. It’s really the same. Only better.


I’m eating a Chicken Parma cake right now! :fork_and_knife:



Slow down! We have short legs.



How about now? Are we there now?


Maybe it’s not the destination that matters. Maybe it’s the journey. If that journey takes a little longer, so we can do something we all believe in, I can’t think of any place I’d rather be, or any people I’d rather be with.

To the journey!


If the journey includes having @M_M asking “are we there yet” the whole way, I’m pretty sure I’ll go insane…


Are we there yet? @M_M has to wee.


@M_M can pee in a bottle like I used to have to do


Remember, it’s not the destination that matters. It’s the getting the hell out of the car.