Why are scientists drawing eyes on cows' asses?


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Why not? It works for fish.and other animals as well.


I’ve been doing that for years, to my own hiney that is.


FTFY, science



And I bet you haven’t suffered a single lion attack.


Yes, I haven’t!


My own lion is an ambush hunter as well, but I got him a collar with a bell, and now all the birdies can hear him coming. And cows.


A little overkill don’t you think?


oh wait…maybe you meant this:

*(replaced the .gif - the other one was causing seizures)


Well which is it you have been attacked or not.


At my age, I’ll take either.


I tried that. It doesn’t work when dealing with a smart kitty. She still caught birds, mice, and rats. My only hope was that she didn’t catch as many after the bell. BTW, I bought her bell at a South Asian import market, and I could hear that little brass bell a half block away on a quiet suburban night. Them bells are really for the owners’ peace of mind. And not much more.


Humans in India have been using a similar trick vs tigers for at least 26 years:




Don’t tell my neighbor. She’s running an all-you-can-eat buffet.


Wow. They really don’t like that guy.


I think it’s more of just their instinct kicking in…

But I knew the answer before reading it! Lions killing live stock is an issue in Africa, one that results in dead lions as farmers poison them.

In Indian and other places with tigers, they use tiger masks.


Why are scientists drawing eyes on cows’ asses?

Wait. We need a reason?


That’s wonderful and all, but I remember it not particularly working on the cleverer Indian tigers.
…or maybe as minikomi at ycombinator news comments, they are wary of Tiger Mask

…geh, not finding the Needed Citation. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/bareilly/Fear-of-tiger-attack-looms-over-Khuthar-S-Kheri/articleshow/53143634.cms (Whack STOP once it renders, or the adblock censor…censors, probably.)

Gubble’s still trying to get me to watch Deadpool fight Tiger Shark, but “Data on masks on backs of heads preventing tiger attacks” cranks out http://www.npr.org/sections/parallels/2016/05/20/478387211/in-indias-sundarbans-people-and-tigers-try-to-coexist-in-a-shrinking-space (Ari Shapiro,) and
(They’re onto your mask soon enough, unless you use a bubble mask. Gah!)

Can’t decide whether fine artists should be painting on cows (for a $6k GoFundMe minus air travel?) or if they painted the tigers (Hey cat! Bogarting the…nevermind,) the cats would become proudly vegan (gotta tell you though, palm dates and the grocers’ truck in general gave off more a sense of kin than the goats did.)