Why Better Call Saul's opening title sequence sucks


I mean, it’s no Small Wonder.


I do like Better Call Saul’s crappy-VHS micro-intros, and the way they always change.

On the other hand, I always though Breaking Bad’s title was actually not as amazingly excellent as the rest of the show. I mean, yeah, cool logo. And green smoke? That’s it? For all six seasons? Compare to other A-list series like Game of Thrones or True Detective or Boss, for instance.

(Visually, I mean. The BB title song was catchy and wonderful.)


Patty Duke was so good it was an inspiration for multiple shows that followed.


Absolutely, the design of the Breaking Bad intro feels like it’s straight out of the late '90s.

For some reason, I’m the only one I know IRL who’s watching this.

Sucks not having anyone to talk to about it.

I think the Game of Thrones and True Detective openings are good (not familiar with Boss), and lots of other openings are good, many are great… but you only need to see it once (yes, I realize the map shows you different areas each time in Game of Thrones according to where the episode takes place). Both are way too long IMO, especially in shows like that where as the viewer you savor every second of the actual show.

It’s funny, the intros for many classic shows really never get old… in many cases you actually look forward to seeing the intro each time. But the shows themselves were usually not as dense as shows are now.

IMO for modern times, knowing we’re not going to get anything like we had for older shows, Better Call Saul’s opening is ideal - so short you don’t even have time to reach for the fast-forward button, and different each time. Breaking Bad’s I agree was boring, and they could have changed it up a bit, but on the other hand for that show it might not have worked as well. Not sure why but it feels to me like it might have been tacky in the context of how that story worked. Tackiness obviously is desirable for Better Call Saul :wink:

One of the worst offenders right now (that I’m familiar with) is House of Cards - the opening is actually quite cool, but it’s been unchanged for all three seasons, and is way too long and boring (after the first time). And Netflix knows that people marathon that show but they don’t make it easy to skip the intro, which is obnoxious.

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One of my all time favourites

This should be Better Call Saul opening song: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What about this one?

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