Why colleges fear meningitis outbreaks


Scary stuff. A girl I know died from meningitis a couple of months ago. She was working abroad as a hairdresser, came up with a fever and shrugged it off the first day. On the second day it got much worse and she went to a hospital. Before the third day she was already gone at 21 years : (

There was a guy who came down with Meningitis on my floor while I was at college. They had everybody on the floor go down to the student health services to get a single dose of antibiotics. Apparently they were worried about transmission through the toilet seats, and it was a bit scary because the guy died in less than 24 hours after the first symptoms.

One of my friend’s wife caught meningitis - a number of her friends were out for a supper at a brasserie in Montreal, some/all were infected.

The next morning, she wasn’t feeling so well, so my friend told her to take the day off. A few hours later, she called him at work to tell him that she really felt sickly, so he rushed home and called an ambulance. A few hours later, she was dead. Nasty disease.

Edited to add: a number of the other people in the party also died, I kinda recall about eleven.

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