Why deep fry a fish sandwich 7 times? Because it's there


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You’re gonna need some 34-times-distilled vodka to go with that.


This is one of those “Why?” moments…oh. 15 minutes of fame on youtube. got it.


A 24,000 calorie sammich. Frankly I am just happy noone was hurt with the fryer.


25 years down the line at your first colonoscopy the surprise on the Doctor’s face will be priceless.


I think the results are going to be more immediate even if split with 3 great cats. Gotta have a reason for that sumac cleanse and working up that business case for growing replacement GI tracts. Motivational eating?


Why deep fry a fish sandwich 7 times?

It’s the only way to be sure.


Well, the guy actually is kinda famous:

… attends Mission College in Santa Clara, California majoring in nutrition and plans to become a dietitian




stiring with a metal fork in a nonstick pan :see_no_evil:


I understand McDonald’s has hired him into an executive position with impressive compensation.


Where are your antacids? Oh, we mixed them in Layer 3 of the batter. They’re the crunchy bits.


Welcome to Scotland’s next food craze.


Well, if he gets a photo of that face, he went too far.


Nonstick technology has come a long way since the fragile surfaces of 20-30 years ago. You still don’t want to take an ice pick or electric carving knife to it, but gentle stirring with a fork is no problem.


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