Local News Traffic Reporter: “Can I get a fish sandwich?”




His real mistake was going to McDonald’s for a fish sandwich. For crying out loud at least go to Burger King for their Big Fish sandwich. It sort of passes for, you know, fish, unlike McDonald’s square patty which is exactly like what I got on my school lunch tray every Friday.


Good glub… It’s badly done product placement. Totally scripted.


Whoever saw fit to broadcast 4:3 footage stretched to 16:9 should be fired (after having their eyes burned out with hot pokers).


Looks like he triggered one of those anti-robbery exploding orange dye packs.


Big Boy has one that almost seems like a fish, and I think they have a drive-thru.


Have we learned nothing from ODB?


Tossing to him? Tossing? That’s a phrase you guys have? Living in the UK’s so confusing.


Thank you!

Elephant in the room, that beard.


Fun fact: even traffic reporters get hungry. :smiley:

Let’s just be glad it’s not vertical…


I was about to ask what kind of producer would allow that to happen, instead of cutting to sports and letting them jaw for an extra 30 seconds? But that begs the question of what kind of producer let’s his talent wear neon orange Santa clause beards on camera…


To be fair, there’s probably some untapped demand for a live McDonald’s drive thru wait time report in some American cities.


I’m skeptical. :unamused:

Seems like a product placement.

Giant, well-placed McDonald’s bag in his car before he orders, then he pulls around to get a shot of the golden arches from the car cam.


How dare an American worker get something to eat during his shift. Really letting the corporation down.


Word - and is that even a bag? Looks like a McDoncald’s cushion.


I feel that.

He does seem to be legit as a traffic reporter for that channel.


The ignorant irony involved in reporting on the traffic by contributing to it is a perfect fit for Fox!


Plus the fact that the beard makes him look like a mascot for fast food fish sandwiches.


Wasn’t really seeing McDonald’s paying a rather overweight local traffic guy to bumble through an order during a report on icy road conditions, but maybe I’m just naive.

But many, including AdWeek, noticed the bright red McDonalds pillow in Jimmy’s backseat and wondered if the supposed “gaffe” was a paid promotion designed to go viral.

An anonymous source within Fox 45 could not confirm whether the McDonald’s incident was planned but says that management routinely has paid product placements on newscasts, including the Dunkin’ Donuts mug that is prominently displayed on the anchors’ desk. The source also says Jimmy Uhrin works with the sales department editing commercials after his gig as “Traffic Jam Jimmy.”

Station manager Bill Fanshawe insists, “The shot was spontaneous, he was on the road since 4 a.m. in weather coverage. My understanding is that he was hungry.”

As for Uhrin’s role at the station, Fanshawe says, “He used to be in the production department. He works as a traffic reporter the last couple of years and helps news with production of special events.”

Fanshawe acknowledges that “McDonald’s is an advertiser and does do sponsorships with us” but “His visit to McDonald’s wasn’t related or tied to a sale.”

Fanshawe did not respond to questions about whether the station generally has product placements in its broadcasts or whether such placements are reported to the FCC as required by law.


I was thinking that it was a happy meal box in the foreground somehow but then realised that it’s in the back seat and massive, like a happy trough or something. A happy casket. If it’s not food he’s bought just now or the garbage left in his car from previous trough diving then it can only a promo placement thing, although Macdonalds might deny it (could have been down to their backstreet backhanders ad team that bribe low level local tv bozos to abuse their position as tv bozo).

It does look like a cushion, but if it is a cushion then I don’t know what to believe anymore. I can’t imagine a reality where Macdonalds branded cushions are necessary/appropriate, it could only have been concieved by the insane-siest marketing psychopath. If it is a cushion is will confirm that this person existed.