Why didn't Captain America have a cartoon in the 90s?

So, does Captain America have a car, even if no cartoon?

So many superheroes who really could use some help getting from A to B.


Better than that:

Captain America travelled in a custom-built Chevrolet van whose nondescript outward appearance allows him to travel incognito. The van was outfitted by the Wakanda Design Group, the same company which serviced the Avengersquinjets and automobiles. The van’s interior contained a built-in cot for sleeping and a specially designed mount for the Captain’s motorcycle, which allowed Rogers to easily launch out of the vehicle while riding the cycle.

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I just hope the upcoming “Kraven the Hunter” movie includes this one:


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Exactly this. To most of the world the jingo-ism comes across as crass at best and US Imperialism at worst

Shame Karl Urban was in Thor 3, this version of Kraven looks exactly like him (well, his The Boys character at any rate).

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