Why do some women get pregnant even though they're on the Pill?


Maggie, this article is just inaccurate. The reason is because Jesus makes miracles happen and this is a woman’s punishment for having sex without procreation like God explicitly commanded. I confirmed this with a priest just to make sure, and no matter what the elites tell me about body chemistry and human variation, it doesn’t change the fact that Jesus is Risen and is Lord.

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And lets not even get into how the various hormones play a part in the overall emotional being of women (and men, but since we don’t have hormonal birth control it’s a tad different). My wife has been on at least 5 different oral contraceptives and finally found one that was “alright”. It was nice having my old gf back when she went off birth control to have kids.


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Seriously, it’s the best thing ever.

I became pregnant while on the birth control pill while my oldest son was only five months old. Now I have Mirena, which I also used while I was unmarried. I cannot stop singing the praises of IUDs… and epidurals.

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