Potatoes an ineffective contraceptive




If she’s not pregnant I think the headline is very misleading. Workin’ like a charm!


I don’t see anything in the article saying that she got pregnant while on the potato.

Edit – the banana beat me by that much.


It’s the spats. They streamline my typing speed.


If this gets enough publicity, the potato may continue to prevent pregnancy, even after removal.




And a legend was born.


That’s what she spud.


Tatertwats anyone?


You say potato, I say diaphragm.


The banana spats…just look at them.


This reminds me of that old joke (Substitute “potato” for “aspirin” in the following:

“Why, back in my day, we didn’t have The Pill. We used an aspirin for birth control.”

“How did that work?”

“Great! All we had to do was hold the aspirin.”

“Huh… hold the aspirin?”

“Yeah… hold it between our knees.”


Aw, man. There goes my new pop-up restaurant idea.


very punny, thanks :slight_smile:


The only thing more annoying than you running a hoax story as if it weren’t a hoax (even after adding the Snopes link into the text) is the superciliousness it evinces. I’ll go further, I’ll say the only reason to post something this is to laugh at “backward” Latinas while making some feel-good point about contraception. The same sort of thinking ihas long and regrettably been part of the way Anglos think of Latinas specifically in terms of reproductive issues, leading at its most insidious to stealth sterilizations of women in Bolivia, Puerto Rico and Chicanas in L.A. No cookie for you, Boing Boing, in fact, cookie demerit.


Your post either proves totally that you will fit right in or utterly undermines that notion.
Which may, in fact, have the corresponding effect of making you fit right in.



dig the screen-name.


Back when I lived in Mexico, I took a sex ed class in middle school. The school hired a practicing gynecologist to come teach the course for the semester, which made for us hearing some very interesting stories. She would tell us all about how patients would come into the hospital with burns in their uterus because they’d squeeze limes over their bits as a contraceptive method, thinking the lime’s acidity would kill off any sperm. Goes to show just how important it is to really educate the community about these things.


So that’s what that Harry Nilsson song was really about.



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