Why does the iconic Coke bottle have such an odd shape?

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As opposed to Richard Branson’s approach of making Virgin Cola bottles resemble Pamela Anderson’s curves.

I think that’s supposed to be the shape of the cacao pod, not the shape of the cocoa bean. The beans look nothing like the bottle.


Interesting notes in those patent documents - it appears that the Coke bottle was invented in Canada!

When Coke returns the Cocaine to said product I might imbibe in it, but till then, no thanks.


Those damn Canadians will stop at nothing to promote obesity in America! First the maple tree, now this?


I was at the coca-cola museum a couple of weekends ago. They sure do know how to play up on their historical lore, with a giant faux-safe that goes over the history of the formula before dramatically revealing the actual safe that holds their secret formula. My wife never even drinks coke and she started buying it immediately after we got home.

The really cool part of the museum is the second floor, where they have fountains with their soda brands from all over the world. We’re really missing out in some cases.


I’ve known people who cathected with this brand like it was yet another prank religion. They’re not even selling sugar water, so much as a sense of belonging. Along with most other brands, I s’pose.


Is the answer Dragon Penis?


That version might have been but the original 1915 one was invented in Terre Haute, Indiana.

You’re right! I never guessed! It was the one weird old trick ALL ALONG! ARGH!

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As a child in England I never encountered Coca-cola till I was allowed to visit my father’s office with him on a Saturday and visit the little café at the bottom of the building, where they had ice cold Coke - something hardly known in England at the time (1950s)
It was a massive hit that still sticks in memory. The combination of ice cold liquid, carbon dioxide and the acidic and bitter-sweet liquid was like nothing I had ever encountered before. But once I became an adult, the only time I ever drank it was in a wayside tent café in Mexico - ice cold, ridiculously cheap, and I was instantly eight again in a small café full of lawyers.

Yup. Allow me to illustrate, for the lazy.


I went there a few years ago, but when I was travelling more (and still drinking Coke) I found you could fairly reliably tell which country a coke came from by its taste. Sometimes it was the flavour of the syrup, but the water would also make a difference. I think some countries use desalinated water, which gives it a weird taste.


I’ve noticed that too. Wikipedia says:

The biggest difference is in the USA where we sweeten with corn syrup. In addition to the water there may be variations in the sweeteners between other countries.

My favorite shake-up was finding Red Bull in small medicinal-looking brown glass bottles, uncarbonated. In Singapore it’s in half-sized cans, also uncarbonated. Really weird taste.

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I know, right? In the museum I went to in Atlanta they made everyone watch videos at a couple points that were not optional (the exit is behind the screen which raises to reveal it at the end of videos). The first one did not even mention the brand or soda. It was just a bunch of people doing nice things for other people to make them happy with cheerful background music, ending with their slogan, “Share Happiness.” Really creepy how good they are at this.


I was going to say secks…

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