Why does the mobile version not have easy formatting options?

Admittedly the basics are markdown tags, but I always forget things like how to link post.


The lack of reply quoting, the inability to paste copied text (to quote) without sacrificial characters to select to get a paste option… it’s clunky as fuck.

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Reply quoting is there, at least on my Android, but works intermittently. Sometimes the grey Quote button comes up when I highlight text, sometimes it takes a few tries to come up.

I do miss the Link button, though, since I never remember the HTML to embed a link in my text.


You don’t need html. The markdown is:
[link text](http://www.url.com)

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Cool. I’ll try to remember that!

I still miss the button, though. :wink:

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I find the quote button disappears if I tap anything other than highlighting the text to quote; tapping once inside the text box and re-highlighting brings it back. Analogous to clicking outside a window you’re working in and graying it out, I think.

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Er what? Literally all of that works fine.

Also @singletona082 there is a toolbar on mobile if your device is large enough to show it. What is your device, OS, etc?

Not on ffx android 6 across 2 phones. I figured out the clunky workarounds, but it’s not what I assume it’s supposed to be.

Android 7.1

Rooted nook HD so a 7ish inch tablet.

Oh Firefox. Yeah we don’t support that on mobile. No idea what the experience will be, but probably … bad. If you have specific issues you can open topics on meta, but our primary support is the native browsers on each platform, which are IMNSHO better performing and more feature complete than Firefox mobile.

Firefox on desktop works great, of course.

As to why Firefox on desktop is decent, while Firefox on mobile is an IE6 level hot mess… ask Mozilla about that.

Press the menu button at the top right of the editor in your screenshot.

Chrome actually.

Oh… I feel stupid now.

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