Why is a humanoid figure walking on Mars?


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Someone needs to make a mashup: Life on Mars + Life is a Highway = Life on Mars is a Highway.


Looks like X-files is coming back just in time…


Note to self: Mars might need a CrossFit gym.


Those are lego wheels, get some sense of proportion people!


And women, in the cross-fit gym.


While I greatly admire the coinage of “pareidoliaopede,” I must disagree. That is clearly a set of barbells which were left behind (not properly replaced in the rack!!!) when our Martian Lass moved to the next station in her training regimen.


Clearly part of my weight set, bro. Do you even lift?


The wheels pix is a mostly buried Martian skateboard, wheels up, man… :wink:


To get to the other side?


Can’t swim?


Because their flying saucer broke down?


That happens when you top up with the wrong kind of dressing.



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