Why is the President suing Florida officials over his Trump golf club — again?


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Pay up ya deadbeat.


Because Drumpf is Florida Man.


Business as usual from America’s foremost public grifter.



Cue the “it’s what any smart businessman would do” defences from Huckabee Sanders in 3,2,1.



Its hard to see that the Trump brand will come out on top after his presidency. But I suppose he can establish a greater international footprint.
It has been quite revealing how people like him actually do business. Dish dirt on your opponent, bribe and lie all the way! Basically everything a good mother tells you not to do to be a decent person.


To be fair, County Assessors are known for inflating the price of property values through numbers games to keep tax revenue up.

A few years after the recession, people in my condo building were fed up that their home valuations kept going up, despite all the foreclosures driving the actual price ever downward. The association ended up suing the assessor, and now my taxes are about under half what they were originally.

Let’s not give the assessor too much credit for being the good guy here.


You forgot another one of his ‘business’ attributes: he always waits until the end of a job to ‘renegotiate’ the contract and cheat his contractors out of their rightful pay.


Well, we really don’t have to, given that Trump’s own assessment is so much higher than the assessor’s.


I wonder if any other sitting presidents have brought suit?
Doesn’t it smell a bit like Robert Baratheon entering the tournament?


The key to trump-style negotiations is to complain about all services rendered, after the fact, and not pay.

It demonstrates how there’s two sets of laws. For the rich, if you don’t pay for shit, you’re an asshole. For the poor, you end up in prison.


oh, come on. Nice wide generalizing brush you’re swinging there, Mac. “…County Assessors are known for inflating the price of property values through numbers games to keep tax revenue up.”

Just because yours did doesn’t mean all do. Ours doesn’t. And I’d be willing to bet my own (admittedly small) federal tax refund that 45*'s property assessment is lower than actual value. This is his normal practice with all his properties - but now he’s subject to a LOT more scrutiny. Hopefully he won’t get away with it any more.


I didn’t say all do. I said they are known for it.

So because yours doesn’t, it must be an uncommon practice?

I’m sure of that as well. All I am getting at is that 45 isn’t necessarily the only bad actor here.


But they still assessed it at just 40% of the value that Trump’s own personal financial disclosure forms stated.


Around here they grossly undervalue properties, because expensive properties are owned by Republicans. Also, tax values tend to stay unchanged for years and years. I hate to be in Trump’s corner, but his claim is entirely possible.


Trump lost most of the people who wanted to do actual real estate business with him in the '80s and '90s, when everyone figured out he was a serial liar who did business in bad faith by demanding favorable terms for himself and unreasonably dis-favorable terms for everyone else.

That’s why his “real estate” business is limited to the few properties his organization actually still owns, coupled with a much larger number of properties owned and operated by third parties, but which license the Trump name. (Although even these are becoming rarer, as property owners are realizing the Trump name doesn’t carry the cachet it once did and indeed can even be detrimental to business.)


It really makes you wish punitive damages were available for breaching a contract. Because it’s clear that from the moment he makes an agreement, Trump has absolutely no intention of following through on his end of the bargain.


It amazes me that anyone would have the balls to demand his property be valued lower for tax purposes while at the same time claiming in his publicity that it’s worth more than twice what it’s being assessed at, particularly someone as visible as Trump.


“Trump doesn’t deal in reality,” the source said. “He creates his own reality and he actually believes it.”

(I think we all kind of knew that.)