Why modern cling wrap sucks


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I’ve found that Glad Press & Seal is way better at pretty much anything than old school cling wrap.



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Stretch-Tite, that’s all you need.


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The professional kind works great.


We can’t find it in Seattle stores anymore! Or, well, it hasn’t been in the big chain here for months! This is a crisis!


mystic arts of cling-wrapping things

Many levels of MACWT, you’re a beginner I see.


I recall springing for the brand-name Saran-Wrap when I was “fixing” the rusted out drain on the laundry room sink.


To be fair, modern cling wrap sticks to itself really well. Other things… not so much.


And we likes it that way! (The old stuff was a pain, moar new stuff!)


The best current-generation cling wrap we’ve found is “stretch-tite” brand, which Costco sells in the giant economy size under its Kirkland label. A smaller size is also available at CVS under their house brand (can’t remember the name at the moment.) The Costco package includes a sliding cutter that you can use instead of the finger-attacking serrated edge; the CVS package doesn’t - but in a pinch you can move the CVS roll into an empty Costco box, so it’s all good.

It’s cheaper than Saran, but more to the point it’s better at what we mostly use it for: covering leftovers. It self-adheres well, but it also sticks to ceramic plates, Pyrex, etc. With the sliding cutter, you can cover a plate and cut the wrap to fit without the usual tangle I always get with the serrated edge.

I didn’t set out looking for the best cling wrap; my better half first bought stretch-tite about 15 years ago, and we immediately noticed that it was better than whatever we’d been using before. In the years since, every time we’ve run out and bought a different brand in a pinch, we’ve been disappointed - some don’t stick to glass, some stick to themselves too easily and can’t be disentangled, some don’t cut well with the sliding cutter. And it’s cheap.


in industry it’s called stretch wrap but I can imagine dupont finding their clean up irritating because they have something very sticky on their hands

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Thank you for being thoroughly transparent.


I’ve always found Saran Wrap to work poorly. Glad Wrap does the job well, though. YMMV.




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