Why you should store your plastic wrap in the freezer

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Without PDVC it’s not much of a problem anymore. The new stuff barely sticks to anything anyway. I just want them to use the thicker cardboard on the boxes like they used to use. Before I get to the end of the roll, the box is in bad shape and barely usable.


Then you put the plastic wrapped bowl of leftovers in the fridge. Then you peel back the plastic wrap next day to get some of those leftovers. Then the plastic wrap won’t re-stick.


Costco’s Kirkland brand includes a slide cutter that makes it much easier to use 2 hands (one on each corner of the leading edge) to pull from roll inside box, then slide the cutter.


Especially if you buy the half mile size (but the unit price is much better).


Just buy rolls of “food service film” at the restaurant supply store. It’s thicker, easier to handle, clings better to containers and food without turning itself into a frustrating wad. Comes in the thick corrugated carboard box. With a slide cutter.

Makes life simple and it’s the only plastic wrap I’ve ever run into that works in any way shape or form.


I had an Uncle that kept it in the trunk of his car, next to the duct tape & rope.


Bodies are easier to move when they’re immobile. Your uncle was a smart man.



Also easier if they’ve been in the freezer. Just like the plastic wrap.

I’ve heard.


The cling wrap of today is made from a completely different polymer than it was in your mom’s day.

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Whoa, that malarkey guy keeps his fridge and freezer at the same temperature!

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A better solution is to not use plastic food wrap at all. We’re using tupperware for food storage now or tin foil, where we absolutely have to, in place of cling film.

Has anyone tried the beeswax wrap?


I use beeswax to seal things from time to time, but I never heard of beeswax wrap before. Thanks!

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I was really bummed when I discovered that Saran Wrap is no longer being made of Saran.

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You’re right. Rubbermaid even has glass dishes with silicone (?) lids that can go from the oven to the refrigerator.


I think the fridge works just as well as the freezer for the purpose of chilling plastic wrap to the point where it won’t stick to anything.


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And it’s still garbage.

It’s a pretty garbage way to store food. And wasteful.

But it’s an incredibly useful tool for making food. All sorts of stuff is easier to pull off with good plastic wrap. Unfortunately good plastic wrap is difficult to find.

My Mom has some of the bees wax sheets. Not terribly useful. It doesn’t really wrap things any better than parchment paper or wax paper. Less a plastic wrap/storage replacement than an alternative to those.

Good for storing cheese, you want a breathable cover for that.

Anyone who has worked in a kitchen will attest to this. Commercial cling wrap just sucks. Also, that one roll could last a lifetime. You could will it to your children.