Why MyPillow Ads Got Banned by Fox News — Mike Lindell owes them millions

I do wonder who these generous conservative patrons are who never bother to collect their multi million dollar debts from Trump, Alex Jones, Mike Lindell or any number of other right wing crooks. It doesn’t seem to matter if the money is owed to a company, an individual or even the government, it somehow never amounts to more than a minor inconvenience for them.


I’ve seen MAGAts get baited into admitting that what they want to see is workers owning the means of production (so that the companies won’t be socialist), so…


And two liens for 9.5 million for back taxes. “The IRS recently filed two liens against his Texas home and land for nearly $9.5 million.”


Good to know. And, welcome aboard this board, balance!


Those two big liens will consume the profit from a lot of bed linen.

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Their politics haven’t really drifted much from the sort of Eisenhower Republicans they’ve always been, but Mom’s dealing with some dementia and for whatever reason – or maybe for the obvious reason – FOX News seems to be the one channel she’ll tolerate.

I mean, it’s easy to follow – BIDEN BAD! TRUMP GOOD! – so maybe it’s easier on her.


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