Mike Lindell's desperate plea as Fox News cancels all his advertisements

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I’m gonna guess “didn’t pay the bills”


Golly, could that possibly be because he keeps trying to use their network to voice the same election denial nonsense that already cost Fox News over three-quarters of a billion dollars?






And yet he’s being platformed EVERYWHERE.

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Damn. Even Fox News is part of that whole “cancel culture” thingy now.


lol. I was going to post that!

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Ditto. I’d bet money on it. I don’t think they care Dobbs found a new rock to slither under.




Here’s hoping Mike finds a MAGAholics Anonymous program and gets back on his feet.

I realize this is meant in jest, but is there any organized effort to deprogram MAGA cultists? Is it even possible? I always say that they’re never coming back and are gone for good, but that’s based on observation, not direct experience. I haven’t lost any friends or family to Trump’s madness. Has anyone had someone close to them go MAGA and been able to drag them back to being an actual human being?


Apparently he’s already been banned from appearing as a guest on any Fox News show for the past three years. This is probably about not paying the bills, as @sqlrob suggests.


Another very rich guy that could have coasted through the rest of his life without a care in the world.

Greed and lust for power gets 'em every time.


Well, to start with, there’s no such thing as brainwashing, so there’s also no such thing as deprogramming. So that’s the first major problem. The second is, these people who are Trumpists… Magats… whatever you want to call them… the opinions they’re spouting of Donalds are things they always deeply believed to be true. Thats right, your racist uncle was always a racist. It isn’t Trump’s fault that they’re racist, or bigoted, it’s just that it’s now permissible to be that way in a large percentage of the populace.

So, ultimately, no. The way back involves people making the decision to move forward on their own. There’s nothing you can do to make people change their long and deep seated beliefs if they don’t want to change themselves.


Is he living in a fort made of his own pillows yet?


While I agree they had to have been racist and bigoted before Trump, I think MAGA goes way beyond bigotry and into an alternate reality of insane Qanon conspiracy theories and a cult of personality around Trump himself that most of these people did not believe in prior to 2015. The Republican party has long been regressive and bigoted, but only under Trump did it abandon even the pretense of governing and become devoted solely to one man and defending whatever incoherent gibberish tumbles out of his mouth.

The transition I’m imagining isn’t into genuinely nice people, it’s more going back to “racist uncle people resent having at the dinner table” from “murderous insurrectionist who thinks trans people are sacrificing babies and controlling his mind with a satellite built by the Jews, who are secretly lizard people who hoaxed COVID and in fact fabricated all diseases throughout history just to discredit godleader Trump the Magnificent”. Despite what you say about deprogramming, people have been able to leave cults with similarly ludicrous beliefs, such as the Church of Scientology. But perhaps it’s the interweaving of hateful bigotry with complete denial of reality that makes the cultist MAGA beliefs unbreakable, no matter how extreme that denial grows.


Yes, people have left cults. And then gone back into them. Survivorship bias only tells us about the ones that stay out. Ultimately too, at the core of the “deprogramming” is a pure desire to want to escape that life. If that desire isn’t there, then it won’t be done.

Think of it this way. If deprogramming worked on changing people’s deeply held values and beliefs, then conversion therapy would be perfectly a-ok. And that’s what’s going on here. These people aren’t attracted to Trump because he showed them a new way of living, they’re attracted to Trump because he validated their desired way of living.


Exactly. The problem with the idea that MAGA froot-loops can - somehow - be made.to see the error of their ways, is that it doesn’t take into account that his adherents are just plain horrible bigots. tRump just gives their putrid vitriol a channel to sluice from and legitimises their belief that they are right in their filthy biases.


At least he can count on his good friend Donald Trump to help him in his time of need.

Donald? Don? Where’d he go?