Delusional MyPuppet Mike Lindell's blatant lies slapped down by Supreme Court

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Disagreement between the two wings of the Republican party, the corporate fascists, and the totally batshit faction.


My Indictment!


I don’t understand why these idiots don’t evaporate and go away!? He’s lost virtually everything: the building, the equipment that was in it, a bank that would do business with him, his legal team, and lawsuit after lawsuit. I doubt he can afford to pay employees, so at this point I suspect he has volunteer church ladies sewing new pillows to fill orders.

Every time this deluded idiot opens his mouth, his lies generate more trouble, and he loses more money. The fact that he can’t stop, that he apparently hasn’t learned a single goddamn thing from the lawsuits and the judges that told him to shut his fool trap, it’s like a self-destructive disease.

Maybe he’s trying to make sure he explodes from hypertension while on camera. Maybe he wants to become a martyr; a St. Stupid for the cause. Maybe he wants “Here lies Mike Lindlele[sic], patron saint of dumbassery” engraved carelessly on his tomb when he “goes to meet Jeebus”.

And why is this a pattern with the Trump’s Chumps? Giuliani, Bannon, I can’t even list all the RICO conspirators that won’t go away and get out of the limelight as they plunge ever deeper into failure.

It’s just beyond my ken as to why they continue onward and downward.


Mr Lindell is a (supposedly) recovering addict. He was addicted to drugs, then to some weird jeebus-based religion, and now he’s apparently addicted to merkin von bankrupt and its authoritarianism. Sometimes an addict’s motivations may seem easy to understand, other times not.

What Peter Lorre said in The Boogeyman Will Get You! is true of everyone.

Sic transit gloria mundi, which means what I wanted to say: one never knows the secret of his neighbor’s brain.”


I figure there’s a few possibilities:

  1. There’s a grift income here we don’t see, at least in part because we don’t live in that media bubble. So maybe all the insane blather does generate fundraising revenue from his marks. Maybe it’s actually economically rational. Or

  2. Maybe there’s a grift income, but it’s nowhere near enough to dig him out and he’s like someone stuck at a slot machine in Vegas who can’t seem to leave. The kind you feel sorry for when they win, because now they’ll be standing there all night losing that money, struggling against fatigue and their near-bursting bladder. Or

  3. This is yet another example of how sometimes, with some people, looking for rational motives is a hiding to nothing. An intellectual death-march, because there’s no there there. The man has no idea what else to do when he opens his mouth.

Probably lots more besides.

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I think this is part of the key, the other thing he’s addicted to is the fame and attention. It used to be highly lucrative fame and attention during the pillow days , now it has a much lower financial kick. But even negative attention is attention. Also, he just made shit up about how great his pillows were, and received cash and fame, and he may feel that to get back to that level he just has to say the right story and the money/success thing will restart.


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