Advertisers continue to dump Fox News host Laura Ingraham after she attempted to shame Parkland survivor


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Heil tRump!



I only know Mike Lindell from the MyPillow ads that I occasionally sit through on YouTube when I’m too stoned to hit the “Skip Ad” button. However, based on the ads – which are more or less just Mike talking into the camera about how great his pillow is – it’s clear this dude is nuts in the Alex Jones sense of the word.


He smoked crack for a decade, then got clean, then turned in to a TGOPer, then…


So it turned out it wasn’t the crack’s fault after all?


Roger That!


Wow, I had almost given into temptation to buy one of those pillows, but I guess that’s not going to happen.


Some other TV host threatened to shove a red hot poker up David Hogg’s ass. What is wrong with these people?

School shooting: US TV host quits over David Hogg tweet


Never heard of this pillow man, but christ he seems awful. The parade of loser assholes he lined up for that ‘documentary’ is frightening… Stephen Baldwin makes an appearance.


They’re bullies who figured out how to monetise their thuggery. In the U.S. it’s at least a half-billion dollar per annum industry for conservatives.



Business has never been so good for Mr. Lindell, 54k likes and 32k are talking about him on Twitter, plus all the new hits on youtube channels. Can’t buy this kind of publicity.



Is it the beginning of the end of stupid remarks made by conservative people on tv? I mean, cutting their money… I bet some people will shout “censorship”.


The subject of the OP, you know, the woman with the hour long TV show, already has whinged about her peaches getting frozen.


Even if you were dropped into the US with no clue about politics, and you watched Fox News pundits and listened to right-wing radio, chances are you’d think these guys are all hateful jerks. They like to pretend they are rational, good people, but they espouse this mantra of selfishness and paranoia, they childishly demean their foes, and they interrupt and shout down their guests.


It probably depends on the size of the company. I think being the one person willing to stand by a crazy asshole has it’s financial benefits, you are targeting a market niche. The question is whether that niche is large enough to sustain you and whether they are actually committed enough to go out of their way to do so. I guess he’ll find out.


Heard they’ve got some shady business practices. I think most of the complaints centered around them advertising 2-for-1 and only shipping 1. Consult your local search engine for details.


No need. It takes very little for me to choose to do nothing rather than something, especially when it comes to spending money etc.


In January 2017, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) announced it had revoked the accreditation for MyPillow and had lowered their rating from an A+ to an F[24] based upon numerous consumer complaints. The main issue addressed by the BBB was the constant use of their buy one, get one free (BOGO) offer. The BBB’s Code of Advertising requires that offers or discounts must be made for a limited time, or the deal becomes the normal price of the product.


“Stalinist” even.