Why restaurant burritos are better

When I really want to spoil myself, after I’ve made a fresh pressure-cooker pot of pinto beans, I pull out the rolling pin and make fresh tortillas and eat only one meal that day. Even if they’re kinda small and thick, it’s the tastiest smurfin thing.

Ugh. Got to hit my target weight and resume eating carbs again.


I recently moved to a small rural town and the biggest complaint is that none of the taquerias wrap their burritos in foil. Paper wrapped burritos, no matter how good, are just wrong.

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Hit 88 in a Delorean?


About a decade ago I was out drinking and met this bartender and her girlfriend, who were out bar hopping. She invited me to come visit the restaurant she worked at and when she would be working next. I showed up at her next shift and she treated me really well. So well that when I was calculating the tip I doubled it twice and left a 40% tip accidentally on a tab that was probably in the $150-$200 range. The next morning I saw the receipt and chalked it up to good karma.

On my second visit everyone that worked there knew my name (and said hi) and both owners came out to my table to say hi and ask how the meal was.

Over the years I continued to get the personal treatment, was invited to private events at the restaurant and eventually was invited to private parties of some of the employees that I got to know better.

All In all a very well spent ~$80.


A friend of mine one time went to a Sonic drive-in, this was back when they were still doing the thing with making the employees serve cars while wearing skates. So maybe late 90’s early 00’s, she goes and orders her meal and tips the young girl $100. She looks at it and in a tired voice says that was more money than she would make all day, skated over to the curb to sit down and said she was going to take a break. Next time my friend drove to that Sonic a bunch of the workers there recognized the car and were scrambling over to take her order, i don’t think she tipped the $100 again but she did make it a habit to tip above average when she could.

Personally i’m usually in a tight spot so consistently tipping well is tough for me but i’d love to be in the situation where i can make someone’s day like that.


Yeah, except this guy doesn’t like rice in his burritos, which is a Mission staple.

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Some people like to make bad life choices and you have to let them


My senior year in high school I frequented a little pizza shop. I didn’t always have enough to tip or only tipped a very small amount. But one day I was flush with cash and tipped… I forget if it was $20 on a single slice or maybe $40 for a small pizza. Just as a thank you for all the times I couldn’t tip. Tables were mostly waited on by the manager. She ran out of the restaurant and down the sidewalk to catch me. She said I had tipped too much and tried to give the money back. I explained that I was moving away soon and I wanted to try and make up for the times I hadn’t tipped enough.

I recall we actually went back and forth a bit as she was worried that the extra tip would mean she “owed me” something in the future. She didn’t say what, but my guess was maybe to not be carded for beer. But finally I convinced her there were no strings attached. I just wanted to say thank you for several years of great service and food and place to hang out.

My dad raised me to tip well. I also worked as a bus boy and prep cook at a fish restaurant for several years so I have some idea of what it can be like. So I try and do others well when I can.


Not what I was hoping for, but both will work just fine :smiley:


The restaurant burritos I really like also have a delicious blend of salsa and guacamole. Fresh guac and salsa are so much better than anything you can get at the grocery store. I guess I could make fresh salsa and guacamole at home, I have done it before, but it’s a lot of work.

The platonic ideal for a burrito is the #9 from Golden Pride in Albuquerque New Mexico. Undisputed.

None of these recommendations apply, I call bullshit.

(Oh and Golden Pride makes their tortillas on site.)


There’s a lot of wisdom in that video. I also pretty much never make burritos at home for the reasons mentioned. Not sure I’ve ever seen tortillas for sale at the super market that are appropriate.

I’ve never had an issue making my own sandwiches at home as good or better than anything I’ve gotten at a restaurant. The only problem is having the proper ingredients on hand.


Well, yes, that and what I guess could be called scalability. The restaurant will go through one tomato in 2 to 4 sandwiches. Once I take a slice, the clock’s ticking on the shelf life of that tomato (assuming no one else uses the rest, which is partially mangled because I used a kitchen knife, not a commercial slicer [nor a Ginsu]).

Assuming that I’m otherwise going to keep (for example) a loaf of rye or pumpernickel on hand, I also doubt I could do justice to something so seemingly simple as a tuna melt the way the cook makes it in our cafeteria. 'Tis a work of art: yea, something to behold.


I don’t ever have trouble obtaining those ingredients (but yes waste is an issue)… now proper burrito skins? I’ve yet to find them for sale anywhere and doubt I could make my own with out a lot of practice.

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The best I’ve bought in a store (that weren’t freshly made, on-premises) are the ones that Trader Joe’s sells. They are kind of small for burritos, though.

unfortunately we don’t have Trader Joe’s here… the best I’ve found are at Costco… they’re “uncooked” they’re great for huge soft tacos or quesadillas but still to thick for a burrito.


And a toaster oven. All sandwiches should be toasted. I have space for either a toaster oven OR a microwave - I chose the former, no regrets.

I suspect that the tortillas will not be consistent between Trader Joes’ in different places. Tortillas are the kind of thing that tend to be made relatively locally, even the ones that big grocery store chains buy (especially if they’re actually any good).


I made the same choice re: ovens… actually actively chosen to not have a microwave for the last 6 years as I find they ruin food.

But honestly most sandwiches that need to be toasted? I toast them on a skillet over flame. Unless it’s a submarine type sandwich.

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