Why restaurant burritos are better

Yeah, the only time I wish I had a microwave is for reheating leftovers of soup, curry, noodles, rice, and other things that go in bowls. You can usually do it on the stove but then you have to stir it and clean a pan.

Toaster ovens are amazing for reheating pizza. Reheating pizza in a microwave should be a crime.

I don’t really like sandwich loaf, except for grilled cheese (which, yes, skillet over a flame is ideal, but sometimes I’m lazy and the toaster oven works). For most sandwiches I prefer a baguette or sub roll or something of that kind. That also usually helps with the waste problem - I live alone and am very unlikely to get through a whole sandwich loaf before it starts to grow mold.

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It always looks so simple. But, alas, I never succeed at home. I think I need a Mark Frauenfelder kitchen gadget. Some sort of burrito roller. Though, at the same time, I kind of shudder to think that there may be some awful As Seen on TV! that meets my description…

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Don’t you sharpen your knives? Or you could use a serrated knife to avoid mangling it.


I think this is suitably related:


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The restaurant burrito is all well and good, and this video gives solid advice on making burritos, but just in case you missed it, the most important takeaway from the video should be that it decouples the idea of a burrito from a recipe and instead presents it as a food delivery system because that is as authentic Mexican as it gets.

I really hope that one day the humble burrito gets as popular around the world as the restaurant style burrito, you’ll be a lot happier if it does.


He’s mostly right (especially about the rice), but you don’t put foil around burrito. It makes it a soggy mess.

Like putting rice in a burrito?

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