Why Sony PS4s get roach-infested so easily

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Nope! NOPE!


Just like a 70’s electromechanical digital clock radio =p .


XBone FTW!!! :bug:


Sony will never admit this one on the record; but the problem ultimately stems from an ill-fated attempt to undermine the platform exclusivity of Gears of War.


So why do they get roach-infested so easily?


“The PS4’s design accommodates roaches better than other consoles’ because its ventilation grates are wider. Those vents are located at the bottom of the console, so roaches can get in with ease. Also, according to repair professionals, the PS4’s insides gets hotter than the Xbox One’s because of its internal power supply. Warm, in an enclosed space and close to the floor, PS4s are great roach nesting grounds.”

Edited to add: Blech.


As if software bugs weren’t enough . . .


Way, way back when, I glanced over at the VCR and wondered why it was fast forwarding when it didn’t even have a tape in. It was roaches crawling between the display and the front cover, which vaguely resembled what it looked like when fast forwarding…UGH. I was VERY careful and VERY thorough with the bug spray when I moved out of that apartment.


Some people need to clean better or have super nasty neighbors…

Man, I remember when I was married the first time and we moved into this condo we bought. One day, my ex wife saw a roach and screamed bloody murder - at 5am when she got up from work. She was extremely fastidious to a fault and flipped out about it.
I checked with the home owners office and they said that the grounds were sprayed once a month, but if we contacted the company that did it, they would do a baseboard spray, etc… for like 10 bucks on the day they were showing up.
We had them come out and he was like… um, these are not from you guys, they have to be coming from the neighbor as the house was immaculate. I contacted the other owners close by and none wanted to pony up the ten bucks to do theirs. Cheapskates. One guy was like - yea, I noticed, but we just spray some Raid now and then. I had an idea where it was coming from, but couldn’t do anything about it.
Fast forward - the next door neighbors moved out and when they did, the maintenance guy for the condos came and inspected the inside and said roaches were literally on the walls in the middle of the day. Fucking GROSS.


Captain Obvious moment:


I guess this is where I confess that I’ve never bought a gaming system of any type; and there hasn’t been one in my household since back in my college days when my BF & I were living together off-campus.

As the internet became more and more apart of my daily life, I just didn’t see the point of spending any extra money when I can play games for free online.

In fact it never even dawned on me that gaming consoles could become infested with vermin, until reading this post.



8-bit chiptune La Cucaracha.



You’d be surprised how quickly roaches can spread. Super clean houses get roaches all the time and some (few) messy homes get spared, for reasons beyond me.


Super clean houses only look super clean.


I worked for a company that still used multitrack reel-to-reel recorders, the motors, from time to time, would burst into flames. In every case that I saw, it was a roach or similar insect, that was in there and either got hot and started the varnish to heat up, melt, and then catch on fire or just shorted out the windings causing a fire directly. Lucky for us it happens about once a year and we had several backup motors. I was told it was not just our studio that had the issue, but some sites had greater instances of it happening.

I only had to deploy the CO₂ fire extinguishers a handful of times, as the fires would run away if not caught quickly, destroying other components.

I was told by an “old-timer”, somebody that worked with the equivalent portable units made in the 60s, that they weighed almost as much as the desktop version of the machine and that they supposedly suffered from the same problem with insects getting inside the motors or power supply, causing issues. The motor boards also suffered from the occasional overheating leading to failure and sometimes fire, but it was speculated that only happened after a motor had done the same in the past. Considering the age of the equipment and daily use for decade upon decade, I am amazed that they didn’t all burst into flame constantly. The power supply was clad in 3 layers of metal, to both act as a heatsink and to limit EMI (the record and play heads were rather sensitive- and separate from each other). They seemed to function even when ants made a nest in them, and that happened more than a few times while I worked with analogue recording equipment.


Yes but Xbox One S has internal power supply as well, so the key difference is the size and placement of vents…


A friend of mine bought an old Atari 2600 on ebay, was planning to mod the case into something (iPod dock/player I think), so he opened it up to remove the guts and said “what are all these little pod things stuck to the sides?”

He never finished that project for some reason.


cockroach infestation.

Funky Towel! Towel got the funk!


“This PS4 is infested from roaches. I can tell from the poop and having seen many cockroach infested PS4s”


Reading all these comments suddenly makes me feel… itchy.