Why the hate for Hot Topic Avengers?

I mean, sure, Sexy Clown Girl’s boyfriend was a bit over the top…but Wiggle-Sorceress and her brother were fairly interesting as villains and I thought Angry Fresh Prince and Flaming Man had some great chemistry. Plus Icthyosis-Phelps had more personality than I expected, and Sideburn Dundee was pretty good as comic relief.

I felt kind of bad for Redshirt Ropeman though.

(Back to work, clearly I needed that little break) :slight_smile:


Aren’t they really more Hot Topic Guardians of the Galaxy?

Or, you know, they’re kind of a less cool version of that awesome group that used to keep showing up on Arrow. You know, with the guy who killed Dig’s brother.

Dangit, what were they called?

Anyway, they should have made a movie about those guys. It probably would have been better.


I think it’s more about how it’s not that great of a movie but was expected to be a big tentpole in a larger scheme.

GotG was just a fun movie and that’s all it was expected to be. This, like most of DC’s recent work, just tried to be everything and succeeds at nothing.


Putting Zack Snyder in charge of everything DCU wasn’t a good idea.


Not only that, it was retrofitted into a tentpole in the last hour. It sounded like it was originally going to be a lot darker, but backlash against BvS along with lots of test screenings and analysis resulted in a movie-by-committee of massive rewrites, reshoots, and reedits of a basically finished movie. All done out of desperation because they “needed a hit”. I haven’t seen it, but many reviews indicate that despite having some ok action and humor that it plays as disjointed and incoherent as its create process sounds.


Yes, sounds like the trailer company made it look a bit like GotG, but it wasn’t, so they had to go back and reshoot stuff to try to make it so. I actually had a free ticket to go see it but couldn’t be arsed.

Slightly O/T, but I see that Marvel lost their director of Gambit (again), to go make a Justice League Dark film. Guillermo Del Toro is tied up in that, too.

Are DC just throwing things at the wall to see what sticks?

And even further O/T, why didn’t I know there was a Universal Monsters Cinematic Universe thing now too? (bit fed up of all these Cinematic Universe thingies, TBH).

Tom Cruise in a Mummy reboot? Russell Crowe as Jekyll/Hyde?

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Well, seeing it it seemed kind of dark at it’s core, and I bet the reshots were part of the problem. If they’d gone more naturally one way or the other I think it would have been more enjoyable overall.

But that’s not saying it wasn’t better paced and more enjoyable than, say… Thor: The Dark World. I’m a bit biased towards Marvel and have to occasionally admit they don’t always strike gold (the latest MCU has been more consistently good though!)

Yeah, BvS was pretty awful as a Super Hero movie.

If it was Zach Snyder’s ‘Birdman’ though… well then it was genius, if disrespectful as all hell of the source material.

I didn’t catch that bit, but for some reason Booster Gold came to mind and I instantly went ‘Hell Yeahs!’ in my head.

I’d love a Blue Beetle(Alan Tudyk?), Wonder Twins (Anna Kendrick and Channing Tatum?), or Squirrel Girl (John Barrowman?) Movie!

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When you take the American Way out of the superman ethos and globalize everyone, prepare yourself for shit returns from your shit characters.

Dark is indie, the masses are never going to flock to that arthouse shit unless somehow you are Fincher and you understand the pop mindset for dark in America.


:crying_cat_face: It’s like they didn’t pay attention to why the original movies were good. Even Hammer didn’t action-adventure up their mummy/frankenstein/dracula films outside of ending chase scenes.


I like the way the Fraser/Weisz films are described as the ‘classic’ trilogy.


Best collapse from the first to last movies in a trilogy since The Matrix, right?

As if Hollywood execs weren’t creatively bankrupt enough - welcome to having movies instigated by lawyers to keep your intellectual properties relevant and recognized.


I mean, it’s GOOD that someone’s trying different things. The Avengers and The McGuffin That Will Destroy The World formula is morning as shit, no matter who directs it. There’s no risk, I feel nothing for the characters, and the more CGI a movie contains, the less invested I am.

I make exception for James Gunn who is an utter delight.


I’d only watch the Wonder Twins movie if they were Mormon in the movie as well. (It’s canon!)

All these attempts to create a “cinematic universe” from the top down are doomed to failure and always miss out on what was enjoyable about the properties.


Surely I’d have heard if they made sequels?


I think the second one was the Animatrix, but I don’t know about the third.

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I appreciate the movie if only for my mother’s review. In its entirety: “The girl with the pigtails is cute.”


As I am gonna wait till I can get a DVD from the library I will probably like it, but I tend to be more forgiving when it is free and I have seen some really awful films of my own free will.

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Since it’s a “why the hate?” topic, I’ll just say that I don’t understand how/why The Matrix in its various forms polarizes so many people so strongly. People have looked at me like an alien when I say that they were all better-than-average sci-fi action movies. They seem like works where most critiques are based more upon their expectations than what was actually presented, which usually rubs me the wrong way.

They each have their glaring flaws, IMO, but I tend to go for less action oriented sci-fi.

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