Why Warhol painted soup cans

The irony in this story being that the most valuable thing in this story would be the cheque, were it not apocryphal.

Yeah, of Readymade. You just don’t know what kind. Might be Tomato, might be Duchampignon.


Now I’m missing Stock Pot, Tomato-Beef Noodle-Os, and Chili Beef. WHY, CAMPBELL’S? WHY??

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Warhol came and spoke at the university in my home town, and two of my friends were in the audience. They said he was bored (and they weren’t even sure it was him). There was a question period, and they stood up and asked what he thought of Ernie Bushmiller, and his face lit up. “I like Ernie Bushmiller…” he started to say, at which point my two friends say, they ran out the back. I managed to miss the whole thing.

(My own idea for Warhol was that he should have a glass booth with a curtain on it, and when a customer put money in a slot, the curtain would part, and Andy would be standing there, just looking back. After exactly fifteen seconds, the curtains would go back together again. Next!)


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